Jack is passionate about shining a light into the health insurance black box. As a co-founder of Take Command Health, he enjoys thinking of new tools and opportunities to empower consumers of health care. When not working on Take Command, he can be found with his family or watching college sports.
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Vaccines and Medi-Share: Our Family's Experience

Medi-Share has been a great way for me and my family to save on health insurance. However, before you take your kid for a regular checkup and for vaccines, there's something you should know: it WILL…

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What Trump's recent Executive Order means for individuals, small businesses

October 25, 2017 Jack Health Care Policy News

President Trump's recent executive order on healthcare is the latest strategy he has used to dismantle The Affordable Care Act after several failed attempts and months of discussion. The bold move…

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Can I use Medi-Share or other sharing ministries with my Small Business HRA (QSEHRA)?

It's a question we get a lot from users of our QSEHRA service. The official answer: "Ask your accountant". Take Command Health is NOT a licensed certified public accountant (CPA) or qualified to…

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Beyond Politics: Comparing the Senate Health Bill to ACA and AHCA

This week, the Senate revealed its version of a health bill. Almost immediately, you had politicos from the right and left come out to either blast it or support it. Social media is full of memes…

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My Story: How we used a dental discount plan to save our family money

Every time my dentist office calls to remind me about a teeth cleaning, I'm always surprised that six months has already flown by. It always feels like I was just there. Life moves fast when you…

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How a new HRA health law is simplifying health insurance for small businesses.

Wait, a new law? I thought congress was still debating!

Believe it or not, Congress actually worked together to pass a great health law for small businesses this last December. It was called the…

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Quick thoughts on the GOP replacement plan for Obamacare

March 06, 2017 Jack Health Care Policy News

The first step towards replacing Obamacare

On Monday, March 6th, Republican leaders in the House of Representatives released the first draft of the "American Health Care Act". There's sure to be…

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Missed the health insurance deadline? Here are your options

Maybe you chose a plan you'd like to change or the deadline caught you by surprise. You can still change! Although the December 15th deadline to purchase a health plan that starts Jan 1st, 2017…

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Stop trying to call someone to enroll in a health plan

There's a 90% chance the person you talk to won't be working at that company next month

It's Open Enrollment for health insurance, which means millions of Americans will be looking for a health…

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Texas CPAs - Beware of using the TSCPA website for health insurance

You're about to get sucked into an over-priced, up-selling machine

We've had more and more CPA clients come to us lately with questions about the health insurance options provided to them on the

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