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Referral Affiliate Program

Offer a benefits solution that your network will love

Our Referral Affiliate program allows you to help your network by providing a simple and affordable benefits solution—an HRA powered by Take Command.


the new employer sponsored health insurance

Traditional insurance is complicated.
Reimbursing with HRAs 
is easy.

It’s time to re-think how benefits are provided.

Powerful new HRAs simplify the process of providing health insurance and provide you with pease of mind. Say goodbye to complicated group plans.

Refer & Relax

We'll do all the heavy lifting.

Help Your Network

Easily offer a complete HRA solution with built-in customer support.

Lean On The Experts

Leverage our best-in-class HRA design and support teams.

Discounts or Fees

Offer HRAs to your network at a discount or earn a referral fee

Simple & Easy

We'll get your referrals setup easily on our platform.

We'll help design their HRA

Our platform guides people through the process of designing and HRA putting them in control as they craft their plan.

We'll help onboard their employees

Once the HRA is designed, we'll begin helping their employees get set up on our platform.

We'll manage the HRA administration

Once the HRA is up and running, we will help manage reimbursements and everything associated with HRAs.

HRA Setup

Getting Started

Once you connect with our team and determine whether or not this program is right for you, we'll help you introduce this new offer to your network. Download our complete Referral Affiliate Guide to answer all your questions.

Download Guide

Is an HRA a good fit for my network?

Do you have clients who own small businesses? Or are you part of a non-profit organization with multiple branches?

HRAs are a great fit for organizations that are struggling with high group health plan renewals rates. Or organizations that are having a hard time qualifying for group coverage because of their small size.

HRA's are also excellent for small businesses who are looking to offer benefits for the first time with a fixed budget.

How does this program work?

  1. Schedule a call with us
  2. Determine the Discount or Fee structure
  3. Sign the Referral Agreement paperwork
  4. Begin sending leads

How do I refer leads?

Send your leads to your custom, dedicated landing page

Our team will help your lead every step of the way. Simply share your landing page with the client and whether they sign up right away or schedule a call with our team, we’ll have a record that they came from you! (This option is best for groups who have great leads, but are looking for little to no involvement with the sign-up process.)

Submit leads to our team directly
Send us leads through an online form. We’ll take it from there! Our team will reach out to the lead, share more about HRAs and provide a simple proposal based on the employer’s budget and needs. (This option is best for groups who want Take Command to reach out to their clients to explain HRAs and help employers sign up.)

Sign up your leads for the HRA
Already an HRA expert and just looking for a place to set up the HRA for your clients? If your client is ready to go AND you plan to serve as the administrator on the account, enroll your client independently through our online submission. QSEHRA Administration ICHRA Administration. The setup process only take a few minutes. (This option is best for groups like CPAs, financial advisors and other professional services who plan to serve as the administrator on the client’s account.)

Let's Talk

Interested in offering HRAs to your network?

Email Us

Drop us a note and we'll make sure it gets in the hands of the right person.

We look forward to talking with you.

To save some back-and-forth scheduling, please select a time that works best for you. We'll give you a ring!

We look forward to talking with you.

Do you have questions? Great! We probably have some pretty good answers. Let us know what you need, and we’ll make sure the right team member gets connected with you.