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Your Admin Resource Center

Everything you need to roll out your new company benefit all in one place.


Whether this is your first time offering benefits, you are new to an HRA, or you are just looking for additional resources, Take Command has you covered.

HRA Admin Resource Center Woman

Welcome to your new HRA

New Admin Orientation

Start here! We have a variety of resources to help you onboard your company and employees and set you up for success as you run your HRA. Choose an option below to get started.

Orientation Video Series

Watch these orientation videos for quick, yet comprehensive overviews and demos of onboarding and admin activities.

Watch Videos

Admin Orientation Webinar

Get a holistic overview of HRA administration and the Take Command platform as well as answers to top FAQs in one webinar.
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Admin Onboarding Guide

Read this document to learn the important steps of onboarding and key admin activities with links to additional helpful resources.

Download Guide




Open Enrollment Resources

Explore helpful documents and information to help you and your employees navigate Open Enrollment.

Easy Tips to Prepare for Open Enrollment

A one-pager for employees for at-a-glance tips for Open Enrollment.

New Clients →

Returning Clients →

Sample Email for Employees

A helpful sample email to send to your employees to prepare for Open Enrollment.


Resources for your Employees

Resources specifically for employees to guide them through Open Enrollment.

Check it out!

HRA Administrators

Orientation Video Series

Watch these brief & helpful videos for more information on HRA program onboarding, administration and product demonstrations.

Video 1: Intro to HRAs & Take Command

  • HRA Basics
  • Who is Take Command
  • Timeline Overview

Video 2: Program Onboarding

  • Employee Education
  • Plan Documents
  • Employee Roster
  • Employee Shopping & Onboarding

Video 3: Program Administration & Demos

  • Admin Portal Demo
  • Data Reporting & Reimbursing Employees
  • Employee Roster Management
  • Employee Insurance Coverage
  • Billing

Video 4: Employee Onboarding Experience

  • Employee Onboarding Demo
  • Insurance Plan Shopping Experience
  • Uploading Proof-of- Coverage


Easy Administration

It's straightforward & easy to administer your company's HRA

On average, our clients spend less than an hour every month performing three basic tasks while administering their HRA.

Maintain Employee Roster

An up-to-date roster ensures you only pay for what you need and makes year-end tax reporting simple. Add and remove employees as they join & leave your team.

Process Reimbursements

After confirming the statement is correct each month, it's time to reimburse your employees. You can easily reimburse through payroll.

Your Go-To Resources

We've created relevant and easy-to-access resources that give guidance, answer questions and even offer a few pro tips.

Resources & Downloads

Bookmark this page. These resources will serve you well all year long as employees come to you with questions and request examples.

HRA overview (Sample)

A quick overview, this short PDF explains what an HRA is (QSEHRA or ICHRA) and how they work.

Health Insurance Terms 101

This handy PDF explains all the common insurance terms for your employees who are first-time shoppers.

Announcement Email (Sample)

Use this suggested copy to announce your HRA to your employees. Use this email template to introduce it for the first time and for new hires! 

Federal Reporting Requirements

Employers using an HRA will require special reporting at the end of the year. 

Form 720 (Sample)

All employers offering an HRA are required to file and pay Form 720 (also known as the PCORI fee).

New Employee Flyer (English)

A helpful resource to hand to employees who are beginning to participate in your company's HRA.

New Employee Flyer (Spanish)

A helpful resource to hand to employees who are beginning to participate in your company's HRA. 

Video: Renewing Your HRA for 2024

This webinar recording outlines how to confirm your HRA plan design for 2024 and gives an overview of exciting Take Command updates.


Frequently Asked Questions

I just hired a new employee. What do I do now?

Congrats! First, use one of the flyers above to help them learn about the HRA. Then, go ahead and add new employees to your Employee Roster in the Take Command member portal. We'll ask for their hire date and make sure they are eligible based on the waiting period you selected. We'll take it from there, but be sure to direct them to our Enrollment Team for support shopping for a health insurance plan!

What happens after I add an employee to the roster?

They will receive a welcome e-mail from us with onboarding instructions. They can follow the link in their e-mail to log in to the platform and go through a series of onboarding steps. They’ll be asked to upload proof of their health coverage or offered the option to shop for a new plan. Once their info is approved, it’ll be reported to you for reimbursement.

What do I do about employees that aren't participating?

If your employee has chosen to waive coverage through the HRA, encourage them to login to their member portal to waive coverage there. Otherwise, you or they can let us know and we'll update it on our end. If you, as the administrator, have written documentation that an employee does not wish to participate and is unwilling to log in to waive, you may waive them by filling out this form. 

Note: If your employee is eligible but choosing not to participate, please leave them on the employee roster so we can correctly track your offering for end-of-year reporting!

How do I process reimbursements to my employees?

Employers handle the QSEHRA and ICHRA reimbursements directly with their employees. We recommend adding the tax-free reimbursement directly through payroll.

Where do I access my reimbursement statement?

When you set up your HRA, you can choose to have Reimbursement Statements automatically generated monthly, semi-monthly, or bi-weekly. You can update the timing and frequency anytime. It’ll be ready for download in the ‘Reimbursements’ section.

Why is my employee’s reimbursement larger than their monthly allowance?

The HRA allowance is an annual benefit that is "unlocked" on a monthly basis. What that means is that any given month throughout the year, if they do not claim their full allowance, any unclaimed reimbursement allowance rolls over to the next month and accumulates to build up a balance of unclaimed reimbursements.

This means that if your employee has not claimed their full reimbursement in one month or more this year, they could have an accumulated allowance available to them to claim.

How do I add an administrator to the portal?

Navigate to the Settings section and click on Administrators to give your payroll specialist, accountant or other administrator access to the HRA.

Will Take Command reimburse my employees?

No, we don't actually process the reimbursements. Instead, our platform will help you manage your HRA by getting your plan documents in place, keeping you compliant, track your employees' expenses, keeping notional accounting ledgers, and providing Reimbursement Statements so you know exactly how much to reimburse your employees.

Will Take Command help me with year-end tax reporting?

Remember that we at Take Command are not certified tax preparers and cannot prepare your tax documents for you. We can, however, provide the data that you'll need to provide to your own tax professional to complete all necessary year-end reporting.

Note: in order for us to provide accurate information, it's important that you keep your Employee Roster up to date!