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Ready to bring down your employer health insurance cost? Explore how our HRA administration packages can help.
Full-time Employees Customizable HRA Design Absolutely No Setup Fees Company Onboarding Employee Shopping Support Intuitive Management Software Payroll Reimbursement Reporting HIPAA, IRS & ACA Compliance Chat, Email & Phone Support AutoPay Employee Premiums Client Success Manager Custom Affordability Reports Monthly Platform Fee
Small Employers
$20 PEPM
1-49 $40
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how does hra administration work

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I start being charged?

Your charges will begin when employees become active on our platform. You decide when you would like your HRA to start, then, once employees finalize their plan and applications are approved, you see how many active employees there are and will be charged accordingly. The great part is that all of this information is on your dashboard when you log into your Admin Portal!

Do I have to pay $20 for every employee on my roster or only those enrolled in coverage?

If an employee waives coverage or opts out of the HRA, you will not be charged for them. Please note that your employees will have to log in and waive coverage; without this step, your account will be charged. Very important! 

Can I pass this cost on to my employees?

No. This is your cost to pay in order to have access to our platform. But we know you will feel it is an investment worth making because of how easy we make it for you and your employees.

What is the average cost of health insurance per employee?

Average health insurance costs continue to rise, and employers and employees are facing historically high premiums. According to Kaiser Family Foundation’s Employer Health Benefits Survey for 2023, the cost is $8,435 for single coverage and $23,968 for family coverage. Of this total, employees pay almost $6,000 toward health insurance premiums each year.

With average health insurance costs rising, employers are looking at HRAs as employer-sponsored health insurance alternatives. HRAs enable employers to provide tax-efficient benefits without the stress of managing a traditional group plan. Plus, employees have the freedom to choose the plan they want and be reimbursed by an established amount set by the employer. 

When will I be billed?

Your first bill comes the day before your HRA starts. So, if your HRA starts August 1, you are billed July 31 and then always on the last day of the month moving forward. The exception is if you start your HRA in the middle of a month. For example, if someone wanted to sign up for an HRA today that starts at the beginning of next month, then they will be billed today and then always on the the signup day moving forward.

Are there any hidden costs?

We pride ourselves on simple, transparent pricing. The only costs will be the HRA administration platform fee and your costs per employee per month. 


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