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Mission driven. People focused.

We've gathered the brightest minds around to advocate on behalf of real people like you who are in need of help.  We love what we do. 

Experiencing the problem first hand.

Take Command began when Jack Hooper and his wife, Brittany, were surprised with a twin pregnancy.

On a graduate school budget, Jack sought additional student loans to pay for the birth of his twins. He spoke with doctors, hospital administrators, and insurance experts and was shocked no one could give him a ballpark answer about how much the twins would cost. Read our launch story in the New York Times.

Read our launch story



We’re on a mission to improve the healthcare system. Join us!

Health insurance can be confusing and frustrating. We want to fix that. Learn about our talented team and how you can join the team.

Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of the reimbursement model.

We are pragmatically idealistic. We believe a clearer path to health insurance is possible, and we believe creating that path is our primary purpose.

Create a consumer-centric healthcare system.

We have the end in mind. Each day, we work to bring about a healthcare system that gives people peace of mind. We do it because it's fun, and we do it because it's the right thing to do.

Proven and trusted.

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The team that makes it all work.

We're proud HRA nerds! See the faces behind the brand that works hard for you.

Jack Hooper
Co-Founder & CEO
Vishal Marocha
VP of Business Strategy
Elyse Munselle
VP of Operations
Kyle Estep
VP of Growth
Ami Desai
VP of Finance
Mitch Norby
VP of Technology
Samantha Darnell
Director of Business Intelligence
Courtney Tucker
Billing & Payroll Specialist
Kyle Gayle
Business Intelligence Manager
Mykalena Sheldon
Data Analyst
Ali Prosek
Head of Compliance
Shanna Richardson
Compliance Lead
Amy Skinner
Head of Communications
Michael Manes
Head of Brand
Gabby Rosemond
Head of Digital Strategy
Julie Wells
Head of Marketing Strategy
Jena Truong
Marketing Coordinator
Abbas Lotia
Director of Engineering
Nalini Pulpunoori
Sr. QA Engineer
Viji Daniel
Sr. QA Engineer
Miguel Obando
1099 Engineering Contractor
Hung Truong
Sr. Full-Stack Developer
Lexa Wong
Front-End Developer
Sunny Singh
Full-Stack Developer
Andrew Woodward
Full Stack Developer
Alex Forssman
Full Stack Developer
Ben Light
Director of Client Success
Shelby Selph
Client Success Manager
Maureen Genskow
Sr. Client Success Manager
Ifrah Abrar
Client Success Manager
Dominique Hall
Client Success Manager
Brenda Vega
Client Success Manager
Desmond Boyd
Client Success Manager
Tanner Dobbs
Director of Growth & Business Development
Leah Gibbs
Sr. Account Executive
Sarah Yi
Sr. Account Executive
Steven Wilbanks
Sr. Account Executive
Tony Sargent
Sr. Account Executive
Hance Jenkins
Account Executive
Regan Olson
Business Development Manager
Haley Reiser
Director of Growth & Partnerships
Ryan Thanos
Sr. Account Specialist
Cameron Clinton
Account Specialist
Lolly Albison
Account Specialist
Tala Samour
Account Specialist
Shani Black
Head of Customer Support
Ian Still
Tech & Phone Support Lead
Darrion Pyron
Tech & Phone Support Specialist
Matt Memmott
Tech & Phone Support Specialist
Avery Acosta
Admin Support Lead
Jessica Matuke
Admin Support Specialist
Ryan Henson
Admin Support Specialist
Kayla Bonds
Admin Support Specialist
Shantasha Laing
Employee Support Lead
Natasha Ribakoff
Employee Support Specialist
Rondi Morton
Employee Support Specialist
Victoria Taylor
Employee Support Specialist
Andy Lange
Director of People Operations
Allie Jordan
Head of People Development
Carrie King
Talent Acquisition Lead
Mackenzie Young
People Operations Specialist
Bradley Howell
Director of Operations
Lauren Spring
Operations Consultant
Emily Newell
Director of Enrollment & Carrier Operations
Alicia Poulos
Enrollment Specialist Manager
Tyler Jones
Enrollment Specialist
Lauren Stansbury
Enrollment Specialist
Austin Ariail
Product Operations Lead
Paige Walker
Carrier Account Manager
McGregor Jones
Carrier Account Manager
Karli Bloom
Carrier Account Manager
Laura Lewis
Carrier Account Manager
Lisa Gillard
Manager of Carrier Relations
Megan Adams
Enrollment Ops Consultant
David Matthew Millar
Director of Product
Susan Hummel
Sr. Product Manager
Julie Rhoden
Associate Product Manager
Carri Craver
UX Manager
Colin Ashby
Product Designer
Christina Roberts
Compliance Specialist
Leslie Morey
Compliance Specialist
Allison Alexander
Compliance Specialist
Kim Smith
Compliance Specialist
Stephanie Carey
Compliance Specialist
Amanda Roberts
Specialized Operations Support
Erica Thompson
Specialized Operations Support
Gigi Guevara
Specialized Operations Support
Courtney Atwell
Specialized Operations Support
Mindy Cowherd
Enrollment Specialist

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