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Candidate Experience

We view the candidate experience as a critical factor in making a decision to work at Take Command, so we want to provide you with the best experience possible. We want you to feel respected and well-prepared throughout the interview journey. Here are some helpful tips for navigating our interview process:

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Take Command's Interview Process

In an effort to create a consistent interviewing framework, all candidates participate in a three-pronged interview process where we ask the same set of questions for a particular job. 

Interview #1

Your first interview will take place over a 30-minute Zoom call at the date and time of your choice. The purpose of this interview is to get to know you and better understand your professional background.

Interview #2

The second interview is technical in nature and lasts about an hour. If you’re interviewing for an engineering position, be prepared to discuss code and whiteboard your thoughts. Operations candidates might execute an Excel case study while Growth candidates often prepare examples of written communication–either way, your recruiter will walk you through what’s needed and will provide you with necessary instructions for that interview.

Interview #3

The third and final interview is behavioral and will include several Take Commanders from across the company. This allows us to get to know you better and also gives you some insight into our culture! Please allow for 90 minutes for this interview.


How to Prepare

Alexander Graham Bell once said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Check out these tips to help you prepare for your interview:

  • Check out our website to learn more about Take Command and our mission!
  • The interview team will likely ask some behavioral questions to learn more about your past experiences. Check out the STAR method to help frame your responses.
  • If you’re interviewing for a technical role, be prepared to white board (in person) or share your screen (remote interview).
  • We want to know what YOU want to know! We don’t expect you to know everything so feel free to ask us questions. Conversational and informative interviews are encouraged!


How We Evaluate

Following are some of the common denominators we’re looking for during the interview process:

  • We hire for potential and believe that general talent and learning potential are huge assets. We are constantly looking for candidates who are able to grow, scale and develop alongside Take Command.
  • We hire for aptitude. If you already have raw talent, our developmental culture will support you as you grow in new job responsibilities.
  • We hire for relevant experience. It’s a bonus if you have knowledge about SaaS products, start ups, the insurance industry or healthcare!
  • We hire for values. Take Command has five core values that are the hallmark of the way we do business and we’re looking for candidate attributes that align with those values. 

Our Core Values

Core Values are signals that give meaning, purpose, and a framework for decision-making. These five core values are what guide us here at Take Command!

People first

Encourage excellence

Do the right thing, for the right reasons

Innovate and iterate for scale

Always be learning



Below you'll find answers to commonly asked questions to give you more information about Take Command's interview process.

Where is Take Command located?

Take Command is proud to have two beautiful offices! You can find us in Dallas at 1410 E Renner Rd Suite 200 near CityLine Market. Our Austin location is at 2400 Cesar Chavez Blvd., Suite 201 in a white building called Holly Commons.

How do I connect with my interviewers?

You will receive an email via our application tracking system to schedule the first and second interviews. The third interview invitation will likely come through Take Command’s recruiter (via Outlook email) with instructions about where and when to meet as well as with whom you’re meeting. If your interview is remote, you’ll receive a Zoom link from the Take Command recruiter.

What should I expect after my interview?

The Take Command recruiter is committed to your candidate journey and will reach out with the next steps. If you’re not selected to move forward, it doesn’t mean you’re not awesome. It just means your particular brand of awesome doesn’t align with the team’s needs at this time.