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Traditional insurance is complicated.
We make reimbursing with HRAs easy.

Get started quickly so you can get back to running your business.


Easy Setup

Our platform makes getting started easy. We’ll have you set up in minutes while we handle all the paperwork.



We'll help your employees choose the plan that's perfect for them. No more one-size-fits-all group plans!



You choose how much you want to reimburse your employees and you keep any unused funds.


Simple & Easy

Our platform makes reimbursing your employees using an HRA easy. 

  • Quickly design custom HRA
  • Easily on-board employees
  • Seamlessly collect and track receipts
  • Receive unlimited support
  • Enjoy tax-reporting and IRS compliance
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We know how frustrating health insurance can be. That's what led us to create Take Command Health. Our team is standing by and ready to help anyway we can.

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Our goal is to make you and your employees actually like your health insurance! We love what we do and we'll be your trusted guide through this process!

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