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Do you have preferred doctors or prescriptions? What about planned major medical events like surgery?

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Our platform will show you all the available plans in your area so you can compare and make a smart choice.

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Open Enrollment Resources

Happy Open Enrollment! Here is some guidance as you shop for individual health insurance.

Easy Tips to Prepare for Open Enrollment

A one-pager for employees for at-a-glance tips for Open Enrollment.

New Clients →

Returning Clients →

Open Enrollment Guide & FAQs

A helpful video series as well as FAQs to explain Open Enrollment & how to choose a plan.

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What is Open Enrollment

Download this PDF that summarizes Open Enrollment all in one page!

about QSEHRAs and ICHRAs

Resource & Downloads

As you begin your research, here are some resources we've pulled together to help you navigate the individual market and find a plan that fits your needs.

Individual plans on most exchanges have metal tiers associated with them. This will help you know the difference.

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A reference guide to determine what expenses qualify for reimbursement.

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Through the Take Command Plan Finder, you can determine how much you'll pay out of pocket for your prescriptions with a specific plan.

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I canceled my health insurance plan- what should I do to update Take Command?

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Health Insurance Terms 101

Health insurance can be confusing. This PDF breaks down the most common terms you will need to know.

Letter of Medical Necessity Form

This form ensures you have all of the required information that we need to process your claim for certain healthcare services and products.

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Still Have Some Questions?

When I’m shopping on the TCH site, does the premium amount include my employer’s portion?

No, we’ll show you the full premium cost. You’ll pay the full premium directly to your insurance carrier, and then through our platform, request a tax-free reimbursement from your employer, who will reimburse you directly.

When will I receive my reimbursement?

Your employer will reimburse you directly for your reimbursement claims. Each month, Take Command Health will deliver a reimbursement statement to your employer so they know exactly how much to reimburse you. Double-check with your employer on the timing and process of the tax-free reimbursement.

I’m already on an individual insurance plan & I want to stay on the same plan next year. What do I do?

On the individual insurance exchange, many plans change from year to year, sometimes significantly, and we always encourage people to shop around to see what their full set of options are. In many cases, you may find that a better option is available due to the changing circumstances of the individual health insurance market.
If you know your current plan will be offered next year and want to stick with it, it should renew automatically with no action. But we’ll still need you to show an updated proof of coverage showing that this is your selection for 2021, so you can get reimbursed! Your premium amount may change a bit, so you’ll want to set up a new reimbursement for 2021, as well.

If I’m on Medicare or about to become eligible for Medicare, can I participate in an HRA?

Yes, Medicare is a qualifying health insurance plan that can be reimbursed through both ICHRA and QSEHRA, though the requirements vary slightly.

With ICHRA, an employee must have Part A and B or Part C to qualify for participation. All parts of Medicare (Parts A, B, C & D), as well as Medigap coverage, are reimbursable for qualified employees and their dependents. Read this blog to learn more about ICHRA and Medicare.

In order to participate in a QSEHRA, you must have health insurance that qualifies as Minimum Essential Coverage. With Medicare, either Medicare part A (Hospital Insurance) or part C (Medicare Advantage) will qualify as MEC. As long as you have either Part A or C, then you can also claim reimbursement for all other parts of Medicare including Medigap coverage. For more about Medicare and QSEHRA, check out this blog post.

If you are eligible or about to become eligible for Medicare, Take Command has an official enrollment partner who can help you enroll in Medicare coverage that is reimbursable through your employer’s health reimbursement arrangement. Reach out to us to get started!

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