Dallas Morning News: Wharton grad launches health insurance shopping website

Thanks Dallas Morning News!

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Health insurance rates going up? Three ways to fight back!

Did you get a letter from your health insurance company this year letting you know "we regret to inform you, but your rates are going up?" You're not alone. Many Americans are receiving similar…

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Talking with Matt Patrick: How Texans can Outsmart Obamacare


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Shop smart for health insurance on your phone!

Take Command Health is now mobile!

Shopping smart for health insurance just got easier.  Simply visit www.takecommandhealth.com on your mobile device - iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Access all…

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Health insurance for entrepreneurs advising

November 18, 2014 Jack



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How do I save money on Health Insurance?

Wondering how you can save money on health insurance?

Here's how!  Check out our new infographic!  Thanks to NatDay Paintings and Design for helping us explain our service with pretty pictures.  

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Happy Open Enrollment Season! We're crunching the numbers, get ready to save

Happy open enrollment!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!  Did you know open enrollment season for health insurance starts today?  That means you can change your health plan without needing…

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How to choose a health insurance plan

Choose the best health plan in 4 steps.

It's that time of year again.  The weather starts to cool, leaves start to turn, and your mother-in-law starts calling and wondering when you're coming....

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