Missed the deadline? What to know about open enrollment and hurricanes

by Larissa

The deadline for open enrollment has come and gone. But for the millions of Americans affected by hurricanes like Irma, Harvey, Nate, and Maria this past year, there are special enrollment periods designed to help individuals avoid gaps in coverage at a time when they need it most. If you fall into this category, you get an additional two weeks to choose a health plan for next year. Your deadline is December 31st.

While two weeks might not be a game changer, it will help those who missed the deadline get on their feet in the wake of the hurricanes.


Open enrollment and hurricanes: how it affects you

If you live in or move from counties designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as hurricane disaster areas, you have until December 31st to enroll in health plans for Jan. 1.

These include:

  • Entire state of Georgia
  • Entire state of Florida
  • Entire state of South Carolina
  • 20 counties in Louisiana
  • 58 counties in Texas
  • Blanket waivers to prevent gaps in coverage in affected parts of Alabama, Mississippi, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. 

How Can Take Command Health Help?

You've endured enough this year with the hurricanes so we want to make finding a health plan as easy and painless as possible. Its important to note that there are a few other reasons why you could be eligible for more time, so make sure to study up on special enrollment periods and exceptions. Please visit our website and we'll walk you through your options quickly before that December 31st deadline. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your money and find the plan that really works for you and your family. 

We also have a premier membership designed to save you money and headaches, including some pretty awesome deals for our members. Call a doctor 24/7 for $0, medical bill negotiation support, dental, vision, and pharmacy discounts, etc. In addition to saving stress and time spent in waiting rooms, the Take Command Health membership plan helps those dollars spent on healthcare stretch further. 

Ready to start? You can chat with us on our website or email us at support@takecommandhealth.com

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