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Three reasons why I love telemedicine

by Ali

One thing we can all agree on is nobody has time to be sick. Sickness always ensues at the worst times and the last thing you want to do when you or a loved one is sick is leave the house to sit and wait in the doctor’s office for a diagnosis. I was a little hesitant to try telemedicine. Could I really get a good consult over the phone? After my first call I fell in love.

Here's why I love telemedicine.

It's convenient! 

Scheduling a sick visit can be tough, if not impossible. Waiting on hold, only to be told there is an opening with my doctor in three days is miserable. And now that I am a mom it also means either trying to line up childcare for my daughter or bringing her with me (also not fun).

Also, have you ever noticed that the plague always seems to hit on nights, weekends and holidays? Fevers always seem to spike when the doctors are done for the day and we are left scrambling to either suffer through it or pack up for urgent care. With telemedicine, the doctor is available 24/7. Just call and tell the doctor your symptoms and they will tell you what care steps to take and send a prescription to the pharmacy if needed.

Save time!

Telemedicine is great for non-emergency illnesses. Those common conditions that seem to come up a few times a year such as sinus problems, allergies, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, colds, and flu symptoms can all be treated quickly over the phone in just one call.

Pro tip: Register your account with telemedicine before you get sick the first time! Establishing your account before you are sick will expedite your service when you use it the first time!

Save Money!

Yes, telemedicine can save you money… a lot of money. Many people are finding themselves on high deductible insurance plans. The average visit to the doctor is $200. So you can either visit your doctor and have them diagnose you with a $200 sinus infection, or use telemedicine for a $0 consult fee. Free sounds good to me!

Tell me more

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