Can I administer a QSEHRA myself?

We often get asked if a small business owner can administer a small business HRA for their employees. Can I administer a QSEHRA myself?  The answer? Not really. Here's why experts don't recommend…

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The game-changer: How to save money with telemedicine

The plague loves to hit our house after the doctor’s office is closed. And it is always the same thing; myself or my husband trying to convince ourselves that we are not “that sick” or we can wait…

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Can I reimburse for overseas medical expenses with a QSEHRA? 

Using a QSEHRA (small business HRA) is a tax-friendly option to offer affordable, personalized benefits for your staff. But what about for those living abroad? Well, that's a bit of a gray area.…

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Can I offer my employees a QSEHRA and HSA together?

Offering your employees benefits is a great way to keep them engaged in your business. Determining the appropriate benefit to offer is tough, especially when you are trying to maximize your dollars

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How to automatically make QSEHRA reimbursements through payroll

Way to go! You've decided to reimburse your employees tax-free with a QSEHRA. Trust us, your employees will thank you! So what do you do now? How do I get the funds to my employees tax-free?

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Small business HRAs and taxes: Reporting QSEHRA benefits on W-2s

Now that 2017 is officially in the books, you may be wondering how to report the small business HRA benefit you provided your employees during the year. While we always advise you to consult with…

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If you have a baby on New Years' Eve does it cost more?

The first baby of the new year is always a highly celebrated moment, with traditions supposedly going back as far as ancient Greece.  The lucky child is sometimes even awarded scholarships, gifts…

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How the repeal of the individual mandate affects you and your wallet

The GOP’s new tax bill was signed into law by President Trump today, with a few key changes including new tax brackets, a deduction increase, and possibly the biggest news—the repeal of the…

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Open enrollment and hurricanes: Why some Texans have more time

Many Texans were affected by Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters this past year. In fact, 58 counties in the state were declared eligible for assistance by FEMA, including the metro areas…

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Missed the deadline? What to know about open enrollment and hurricanes

The deadline for open enrollment has come and gone. But for the millions of Americans affected by hurricanes like Irma, Harvey, Nate, and Maria this past year, there are special enrollment periods…

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