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Moms know best: Save on individual health insurance

by Amy

Between picking cheerios out of the carpet, changing diapers and bribing your children to nap, moms don't always have a lot of free time to take care of things like health insurance. For many moms, though, this responsibility falls in their hands. We are here to make that process easier (and more affordable) for you. Leah is just one example of many who came to us knowing what she wanted out of her health insurance but wasn’t sure how to get there. This is her story.

Leah had recently made a career change which left her in a position with no health insurance coverage. She’d always had her health insurance plan basically handed to her and now that she was forced to research her options and what was best for her and her two kids, she needed help.

“I needed someone to help me navigate." 

Her husband was on a specific plan that didn’t have the children’s doctors in their network and it was also too expensive to add an additional three members. Leah had to take into consideration what she would need for her own health as well as the frequent doctor visits for her children and the routine checkups.

“I was looking to keep our doctors. That was really number one for me...I had a fear of the unknown of what those costs could be for those visits.”

An Unusual Solution

Someone from a moms' Facebook group recommended Take Command Health, telling her it was a family-run company, which appealed to her. Take Command Health walked through all of her options, from faith-based plans to on-exchange and off-exchange plans, comparing each on price and preferred doctor coverage.  

“Take Command Health really helped me walk through allow us to see what we could use and how we could save money.”  

All three of them ended up on different plans to make it work. It seems like an unconventional way of doing things, but works out well for a lot of different families with their different needs.

How Can We Help You?

Finding health insurance on the individual market can be confusing and overwhelming (and expensive!), especially when you are busy wrangling kiddos all day. Our team is here to help you navigate the system and understand the fine print, the jargon and your best options. We offer unbiased, side by side comparison of faith-based plans and on- and off-exchange plans so you can save on individual health insurance. 

A few shopping tips and reminders:

  • We recommend finding the most affordable network with your doctor.
  • To see the doctor networks available in your area and search for your doctor, visit our website and start our step-by-step guide.
  • If you're a family and can't find everyone's doctor on one plan, consider splitting plans.
  • If you can't find your doctor at all on any plans, email us at or use these tips.
  • Consider signing up for a premier membership to get extra perks that add value to your plan. These include things like Teledoc, medical bill negotiation, prescription discounts, vision and dental discounts and HSAs—all at a low monthly cost.

Ready to find a plan that fits your family?

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Hi, I'm Amy! I wrote this blog because I care about ideas (big and little) that can help fix our healthcare system. I used to work on projects for Kaiser Permanente and the Parkland Health & Hospital System so I've seen the system inside and out. It's so important that consumers keep up with industry shifts and changing health insurance regulations. I'm also Take Command Health's Content Editor and a busy mom. Learn more about me and connect with me on our about us page. Thanks!