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Stop wasting your money on dental insurance

by Ali

If you have been shopping around on the individual market for health and dental insurance you surely have been shocked at the cost of monthly premiums. While having health insurance is required by law, dental insurance remains a personal decision. In fact, for most, monthly dental insurance premiums exceed the out of pocket cost for routine check ups and cleanings. There is another viable option though. Consumers can now unlock dental savings through membership in a discount dental plan.

The cost of dental insurance

Traditional dental insurance only works if someone (like a company) is helping you pay for it. Otherwise, if you take the time to read the fine print, you’ll realize that with waiting periods, maximum limits, and exclusions, it’s very hard to get more out of your dental insurance than you put in.

The true value of dental insurance lies in any major work that is performed such as root canals, fillings, and crowns. However, most plans have a cap of around $1,500/ year for coverage.

One thing an individual needs to look carefully at when purchasing dental insurance is the waiting periods. For example, most individual plans won't cover fillings for the first six months of a policy and may not offer coverage for certain other procedures for up to 18 months. Insurance companies use this waiting period to protect themselves from having people sign up to use benefits, and then quickly drop the insurance once the work is completed.


The savings of discount dental plans

Discount dental plans work similarly to warehouse club memberships. You pay a small annual fee to gain access to networks of dentists at reduced costs. There are many plans and it’s easy to find one that your dentist works with. An annual membership costs the same as about two months of dental insurance.

There are many great features of discount dental plans. There are no annual limits on the discounts you receive. There are no waiting periods; most plans are ready to use in three days. There are no health restrictions. And best of all there is no paperwork to file. Present your card at a participating dentist to receive your discount.

The good news is that discount dental plans are widely accepted by dentists and it is easy to find a plan your dentist participates in.

Will I really save?

Obviously no one wants to buy a membership plan to find out it doesn’t save any money. We put the membership plan to the test and here is what we found- average savings of 65%!



Savings with Take Command Health's Premier Membership Plan

Enrolling in a dental discount plan just got easier with Take Command Health. Our Premier Membership Plan includes one of the largest dental networks through Aetna, and is below the cost of purchasing the discount program with Aetna on your own. If your dentist happens to be out of network just let us know and we can send you information about additional discount dental plans!


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