Medi-Share and Pregnancy: What’s covered, what’s not

by Keely S.

Trying to grow your family and wondering if Medi-Share can help you cover your costs? While this sharing ministry can be a great, affordable alternative to traditional health insurance, there's a few things you need to know first. 

Firstly, Medi-Share is a faith-based, Christian alternative to traditional health insurance. It is a community of believers who pray for and pay for one another’s medical events. Members pay a monthly share that helps to cover the existing bills of other members. When your own needs arise, other members cover them.

This sharing ministry is a lot more affordable than traditional insurance and you can sign up any time of the year, instead of just during open enrollment. It’s really a great option for those of Christian faith, even for growing families! (Just ask Sean Lowe!) Plus, it has a really solid PPO network.

Sound good so far? Here are a few important things to keep in mind.

Medi-Share and Pregnancy Guidelines

Medi-Share does not exclude people for pre-existing conditions (similar to major medical plans), but they won't pay for any pre-existing conditions for the first 36 months. Very important!

That means if you are already pregnant when applying for Medi-Share, that pregnancy will not be covered.

If you are planning for a family, your pregnancy journey will be a lot more affordable if you are already signed up for Medi-Share before you get pregnant.

(Read about our CEO’s personal experience with this very thing!)

Also, as stated in their guidelines, a baby conceived out of wedlock will not be covered.

What’s covered

  • Up to $125,000 for any single pregnancy event, to include antepartum care, the cost of delivery and complications to the mother and/or child(ren) and postpartum care
  • Complications with the mother
  • Well-child visits from newborn- age 6 (important note: vaccines are not covered!)
  • Adoption costs up to $4,100 (dependent upon the members Annual Household Portion)

What’s not covered

  • Accupuncture
  • Fertility/infertility care – including, but not limited to: 
     --Birth control procedures, such as IUD, and/or related supplies 
     --Infertility testing and treatment 
  • Lactation Counseling
  • Lamaze Classes
  • Breast Feeding Classes

Still need help figuring out Medi-Share and pregnancy coverage?

Still have questions? Take Command Health is committed to helping individuals choose the best plan for their families. Our CEO has personal experience with Medi-Share and has reviewed their experience for you! Spoiler alert: they loved it! 


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