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Infertility and Insurance

by Ali D.

Infertility and Insurance: Dreaming of Mother's Day

Mom. Few words conjure up so many emotions. First, I reflect on my mom: a beautiful role model & wise mentor, a woman I aspire to become and am forever grateful to have a phone call away. I mourn my husband’s mom: a spirited, loving, larger than life woman I never had the pleasure of meeting. Most of us find ourselves somewhere between celebration and grief on Mother’s Day. But did you know that 1 in 8 couples this Mother’s Day are wrestling with another emotion? Longing. I became all too familiar with this longing a few years ago. The aching question that ruled my thoughts: will I ever get to become a mom?

Blood tests, sonograms, and urine pregnancy tests: those aren’t the first things that come to mind when we think of Mother’s Day. But for my friends who went to their doctor this week, eager to hear the news that they can celebrate this Mother’s Day as a mom, those blood tests and sonograms hold the future: am I pregnant? Will this little life continue to grow? Can I become a mom?

I will never forget the tears of joy I cried when we heard heartbeats, after three long years of waiting, wondering, praying and literally aching for a baby. Because my path to motherhood wasn’t an easy one, I want to share some guidance to help couples navigate the journey.

Funding Your Fertility: Stay Tuned

In honor of Mother's Day and all of those longing to be moms, we're starting a 4-part series on infertility and insurance to help provide tools, advice, encouragement, and helpful financial information for those hoping to start a family. If you or someone you know has questions, please share and follow along.

1. Facts and Myths about Infertility

"Just relax!. . . Have you tried Essential Oils?. . . You just need to get away for a weekend." People share well meaning things, but what are the real facts about infertility and when should you take the next step to see a specialist?

2. Alphabet Soup: From OB/GYN to RE

Transitioning from your general OB/GYN to a fertility specialist, known as a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE), can be scary. We will break down the basics of the most common procedures, questions to ask and how to get your money's worth for all those visits!

3. Insurance and Fertility: Funding Your Fertility

Did you know 15 states have mandates that insurance companies provide coverage for IVF? Stay tuned to hear testimonials of women who have had to navigate the world of insurance and fertility and learned some pointers along the way.

4. Outside the Doctor’s Office: The Importance of Support

From acupuncture to support groups, research points to improved outcomes going beyond traditional medicine. We will look into how insurance fits into those gray areas like acupuncture and counseling.

I want to hear your stories too! Please let me know what questions you have by commenting below.

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Hi, I'm Ali D.! Family Nurse Practitioner and mother of twins, I am passionate about helping people gain access to great health care. After studying at Davidson College and Georgia State University, I began to see the problem of health disparities and insurance frustrations by working at both a cardiology practice and community health clinic. Now, as a 3rd generation primary care provider, I'm hoping to continue the legacy of easing access to affordable health care and promoting healthy living. In my free time you can find me chasing the kids at a park or embarrassing myself at a new exercise class at the YMCA. Don't get too close, you might just find remnants of the twin's breakfast on my shirt!