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Aussie company solves for health insurance for US-based employees

Ultraceuticals, an Australia-based skincare company, onboarded a remote team of US-based employees to support their company's mission and goals. Health insurance in Australia is vastly different (and less complicated and less expensive) than health insurance in the United States, so the small company was struggling to find a solution that was hands-off and affordable. Most importantly, they wanted to extend benefits to their remote, US-based team members.  

Take Command QSEHRA Review 

Australia boasts one of the most comprehensive healthcare systems worldwide, offering services ranging from general and preventative healthcare to treating complex conditions that may require specialist or hospital care.

The system comprises two main components: the public health system, called Medicare and funded solely by taxes, and the private health system. Individuals can access healthcare through either or both systems as needed. The Medicare system in particular offers low or no cost healthcare for everyone. 

Doesn't sound much like the healthcare system in the United States, does it? 

We didn't think so.

So when Australian company, Ultraceuticals, hired US-based employees, their HR team had zero experience with the US healthcare system. What was apparent was that it was expensive, confusing, and complicated. Legislation, compliance and legal requirements in the US weren't things they were familiar with and being located across the globe, it made matters even worse.

Finding health insurance for US-based employees 

The Ultraceuticals team heard about qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangements from their accountant, and quickly knew this would solve their pain points. 

Before onboarding their Take Command HRA, the company didn't offer benefits. Take Command was their first foray into offering health insurance to their US-based employees. 

The US employee response has been quiet, but as their team points out, "No feedback is good feedback." 

When Take Command has services like ongoing employee support and personalized employee enrollment support, any questions or concerns were answered promptly. 

The best part about the Take Command HRA that the company likes is that they only have to spend one or two hours a month administering their benefit. 

Other benefits that Ultraceuticals loves about their HRA? 

  • Integrates with payroll system
  • Friendly and helpful Take Command team
  • Hands-off

The value the platform the most, for its ease of use, intuitive interface, and integration with their payroll provider.

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About Ultraceuticals 

Dr. Geoffrey Heber and his highly skilled team of Australian and international formulators are dedicated to creating potent, effective products under the Ultraceuticals label. Ultraceuticals are at the forefront of innovation and use only the latest available ingredients and technologies to consistently release new products and improve existing ones. With a combination of sophisticated, patented delivery systems and potent renowned anti-aging stars like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Hydroxy Acids, each product is formulated with safety and maximum effectiveness, so you get results that you can actually see. By collaborating with renowned universities and leading researchers, Ultraceuticals are leaders in the global cosmeceutical industry, crafting a simple regimen of products that deliver fast-acting (within 90 days) and discernible results to reveal clear, firm, glowing, beautiful skin. 

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