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QSEHRA review: Cali creamery dishes out sweet benefits

Santa Cruz locals know that when the cravings for delicious coffee or awesome ice cream arise there is only one place to go - Mission Hill Creamery. Mission Hill Creamery was founded in 2010 with a passion to serve real food that’s happy and healthy. Named one of “America’s Top 5 Artisan Ice Cream Makers,” Chef and Owner, Dave Kumec’s menu is passionately focused on crafting locally-sourced recipes.

With a staff of mostly part-time student employees, Dave was looking for a way to offer a health benefit to his one full time employee. We recently interviewed Dave to learn more about his decision to offer a QSEHRA with Take Command Health to his full time staff.

How long have you been participating in a QSEHRA?

Just about 1 year now.


How did you hear about it?

I am a very small business but I needed to find a way to offer a health benefit to my one, single full time employee. I read many articles online and was directed to QSEHRAs and Take Command. 


What did you have before? Did you offer benefits?

I could not find a way to afford to offer benefits through a service provider. 


What was the biggest thing that attracted you to a QSEHRA?

The format works perfectly well for my needs. It was customizable. The costs were affordable and predictable. And it was smart. The tax-free contributions were definitely a selling point. 

One of the greatest features of QSEHRA is how flexible it can be. Dave designed Mission Hill Creamery’s QSEHRA to reimburses premiums + eligible medical expenses tax-free for his full-time staff and he chose a monthly contribution amount that fits his budget.

Talk to an expert

Why did you opt to work with Take Command for QSEHRA administration over a competitor?

From my google research, I only found two companies offering this type of service and I preferred my interactions with Take Command over the competitor. Their staff immediately answered my questions and helped me understand how a QSEHRA would work for my company. 


How have you found working with the TCH team?

Very professional, timely and efficient.


Have there been any issues? Were they resolved swiftly?

No issues at all. It's been very smooth!


What was the employee response?

Very happy. This is her first job that offers her benefits.


Was onboarding an issue?

I don't think so. I didn't do it myself because I have really good health insurance through my wife. Only my employee did it and she said on boarding was easy. 


At Take Command we know there are a lot of small businesses like Mission Hill Creamery that are looking for ways to support their small staff. We know benefits can be costly and time consuming to research.  That's why we strive to make setting up your QSEHRA quick and easy and we take care of all of the QSEHRA details of onboarding your employees, reviewing their expenses, and compiling monthly and annual reports. This way you can take care of more important things - like running your business. 

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