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QSEHRA Review: Fintech startup solves for team benefits

Company Profile-MercoaBill pay start-up, Mercoa, needed a way to offer their employees health benefits (and fast!) but didn’t want to mess with the complicated and expensive traditional health insurance. They also wanted their team to choose the health coverage that worked for them, rather than the company deciding what everyone gets. Take Command offered a people-first, tech-forward approach that helped them attract former full-time employees with benefits to the startup. 

Take Command Review

An answer to the common start-up question: How are we going to solve for insurance?

As Mercoa expands and wants to bring on more people to grow the business, the company was faced with an all too common problem – how to provide health benefits when you’re a startup. 

Sai Arora, CEO of Mercoa, found himself looking for answers to the questions – What are we going to do for employee benefits? How can we bring on a team if they currently have health benefits through their employer? 

QSEHRA is the easiest way for employees to get what they want without depending on the company to negotiate services for you.

Stand out above the rest with a modern health benefits solution

Offering employee benefits has been a long-time talent recruitment tool. But if you’re an up-and-coming company that doesn’t want to stuff its employees into an outdated benefits model, you need to think outside the box. That’s exactly what Mercoa did. 

They wanted to position themselves as a forward-thinking startup and employees what they need and want (health benefits) in a way that works for the business and the employee. Enter QSEHRA – the easiest way for Mercoa employees to get what they want without depending on the company to negotiate services on their behalf. 

Sai was familiar with employer-sponsored benefits and knows the drawbacks of being forced into something that isn’t a fit, having to switch carriers, and providers, and just generally not having control of your healthcare benefits. 

He wanted to do this a better way in his company, which is why Mercoa now offers a Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA.) Employees can pick the healthcare plan they want and get reimbursed. 

“I like QSEHRA because it gives employees freedom and flexibility and doesn’t force them to rely on us.”


A healthcare benefit that grows with the company

As Mercoa expands and scales, Sai wants to be in a position to offer competitive healthcare benefits and not feel tied down by the old way of offering healthcare coverage. For a nimble startup, that old model is too cumbersome. QSEHRA gives Mercoa the flexibility they need. 

Sai says offering QSEHRA makes his company look better, too. There are so many small startups, and Mercoa offers the best benefits because they reimburse employees and the employees get to choose whatever healthcare plan they want. 

QSEHRA is the easiest thing you can do if you need insurance or health benefits.

HRA Highlights-Mercoa-2

A startup benefits solution that is hands-off

Sai reports that managing the QSEHRA has been simple and hands-off. Everything runs smoothly and he spends max two hours a month managing the QSEHRA through the intuitive Take Command dashboard. 

“Take Command was easy and exactly what we needed.”

From set-up to day-to-day management, it’s been easy. Sai loves that a Take Command QSEHRA is:

  • Flexible and gives employees the freedom to choose individual health insurance plans
  • Reimbursable and tax-free
  • Responsive and easy to manage

Going with Take Command QSEHRA – it’s an easy decision. Do you want to deal with talking to a benefits broker or do you want to click some buttons?

More about this QSEHRA Review

About Mercoa

Mercoa, founded in November 2022, is an embedded accounts payable platform that helps customers offer a white-labeled bill payment and invoice management experience. They work with other companies that offer financial services to their customers. Mercoa provides a simple solution to a complex issue by providing a single API to customers so they can have an accounts payable service solution without reinventing the wheel. 

About Sai Arora

Sai brings his accounts payable automation solutions and background in economics to found Mercoa. As the founder and CEO, Sai works closely with other founders and B2B leaders about his new innovative and comprehensive AP solution. Sai studied economics at Ohio State University and worked as a growth product manager at other billing companies prior to opening Mercoa. 



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