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QSEHRA review with The Greater Sum Foundation

Amy Dicker is the Community Engagement Director for The Greater Sum Foundation, a startup that desires to be a catalyst for positive change. It enables early-stage innovators to create new solutions to old problems by providing tools, connections, and assistance needed to realize effective solutions to significant and ongoing problems around the world.

It strives to work with nonprofits to enhance communities through health, education, and more eco conscious environments.

Working with nonprofits, volunteers, and grants for the last year and a half, Amy and the only other employee Anna, were shopping the open marketplace for health insurance plans. Amy felt all the plans she could find were too expensive. She was on medicare and unhappy with the coverage she received. Thankfully, TGS' Executive Director, Anna researched different options for health insurance and found QSEHRA was the best fit.

Take Command has been so reliable and dependable. QSEHRA has been really great for us!

QSEHRA is a tool small businesses and startups qualify to use to help their employees with their healthcare costs. Tax free funds are used to reimburse employees for their premiums and medical expenses. Take Command is a one stop shop for all things QSEHRA. We are able to help individual employees set up their own online accounts, help submit receipts, and shop for individual plans.

Amy shared that they are reimbursing for medical expenses and premiums. She shared “I like being able to choose my own plan and that QSEHRA had no expectations or limits on that decision-making.” Instead of having to choose just one plan for the team, Amy and Anna could choose the plans that work best for each of them.

On-boarding was smooth as well. “The first time I went to submit receipts, there was a bit of a learning curve because I forgot where to send them,” she added. “But once I got the hang of it, it was no problem. When questions did arise, Take Command got back to her quickly.

When I had questions, Take Command was there super fast! Within an hour of submitting my question, I had an answer.

Is QSEHRA right for your non-profit or business?

Let us know how we can help! Chat with us online or dive deeper with our new QSEHRA Guide. It walks you through setup, administration tools, FAQs, and rules to know. 

About Take Command

Take Command launched with the goal of bringing awareness, advocacy, and transparency to the confusing world of health insurance for small businesses and individuals. Take Command is at the forefront of this issue, a recognized leader in QSEHRA administration and small business HRA tax strategy, with customers in every state. 

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