Offer awesome health benefits for your employees. Starting at $0.

Personalized Advice

Our concierge team is ready to help your employees! We’ll help them find health insurance plans with their doctors, get tax credits, and enroll.

Smart Benefits

Be the hero! Help employees save with big-time benefits like telemedicine, bill negotiation, dental, and vision for a fraction of the cost.

Tax-Free Reimbursement (HRA)

Want to help employees pay for insurance or medical expenses? We make it easy and tax-free!

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We can finally answer "yes, we have benefits," when we're trying to make a key hire. Our employees love Take Command.

Dan H. Founder & CEO, ScholarShot

Super simple pricing.

Choose a base package. No long-term contracts or hidden fees.


$0 / mo

No Credit Card Required.

Personalized Support for Your Employees:

  • Company Benefits Portal
  • Plan Shopping Advice
  • Support Concierge
  • Pharmacy Discounts
  • Online Appointment Scheduling (coming soon)
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Recommended Smart

$15 / mo

per employee

Everything in Free, plus Smart Benefits for Your Employees:

  • Call a Doctor 24/7 for $0
  • Medical Bill Negotiation
  • Dental (Aetna Dental Access)
  • Vision Discounts (glasses, contacts, Lasik)
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Customize with Add-Ons

Have fun choosing how to wow your employees! Upgrade or downgrade anytime.

Tax-Free Reimbursement (HRA Add-On)

Offer your employees a monthly amount to help pay for insurance and care.

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+ $15 / mo
per employee with Free Plan
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+ $12 / mo
per employee with Smart Plan
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New Add-Ons Coming Soon!

Doctor House Calls
Primary care on wheels. Offer at-home doctor visits and checkups. (Select Markets)


Pay Your Employee's Deductibles
Do your employees have high-deductible plans? Pick up the tab if they get sick or injured.


Group Sharing Plan
Flat-fee, ACA compliant sharing plan for your team. Waaaay cheaper than a group plan.


Fully-Insured Dental
Cover routine cleanings and dental work for your employees and their families.

More to come!


Is Take Command Health a qualified health insurance plan?

We're not an insurance plan, but we help your employees get a qualified insurance plan.

Our goal is to save you time, money, and headaches and make your employees happy by taking great care of them. We love health insurance so you don't have to!

We already have a small group plan, can we use Take Command Health?

Of course! We can work with any plan. Contact our sales team and we'll make sure you're setup for success.

Do we really get anything with the "free" portal?

Yes. We're constantly looking for services we can build into the portal to make it more valuable. 

To start, employees get access to our negotiated prescription discounts and access to our concierge team. If they have any questions about insurance, we'd be happy to talk to them!

We're working on building in online doctor scheduling. If you have any other suggestions, please email us!

Ok, but the "free" portal really costs something, right?

Nope, it's truly free. You and your employees can upgrade and opt-in to other services at anytime.

How do you make money? Why are your prices so much lower?

Our business model and aim is very different from most benefit brokers.

We don't make money by upselling benefits or add-ons, we try to pass great deals through to our users. We make money when an individual (ie, your employees) loves our service so much they choose to buy a health plan from us. We'll help them find the best plan with coverage for their doctors, prescriptions, and health needs.

If employees purchase through us, we typically get a small commission from the insurance company. In most cases, there's no cost to you or your employees.

Do you offer a trial? How do I try this out?

Of course! The best way to try out our platform for your small business is to sign up for the free plan and click around. You'll get a good feel for how it works.

If you'd like to try out our paid benefits or add-ons, contact our sales team and we'll see what we can do.