Medi-Share App: Connect with your health, community on the go

March 29, 2018 Larissa W. Medishare

In case you aren’t familiar with Medi-Share, it is a faith-based health insurance alternative that provides healthcare cost sharing. As a member, you pay a monthly share into the community that…

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Make Medi-Share even better with HealthValues supplemental insurance 

December 05, 2017 Alison P. Medishare

So you've joined the Medi-Share community and are enjoying the sharing ministry's lower premiums and legit PPO network. But what happens before your Annual Household Portion (AHP) is met? For…

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Vaccines and Medi-Share: Our Family's Experience

Medi-Share has been a great way for me and my family to save on health insurance. However, before you take your kid for a regular checkup and for vaccines, there's something you should know: it WILL…

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The alternatives to traditional health insurance you need to know about

Let's go over a couple of cost-friendly options to consider when signing up for a health insurance plan. These differ from major medical plans, but can be smart choices and are worth a look.…

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Q&A: Texas mom shares why her family switched from TRS to Medi-Share

TRS healh plan costs are making it harder and harder for single income teaching families in Texas to make ends meet—a problem that is driving some talented educators to leave the profession. For…

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Entrepreneur Series: QSEHRA, Medi-Share and MINT Physical Therapy

When physical therapists and business partners Ben Graves and Michael Keresztes founded Mint in January 2016 in New Braunfels, Texas, they knew there would be some growing pains. Coming from…

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Can I use Medi-Share or other sharing ministries with my Small Business HRA (QSEHRA)?

It's a question we get a lot from users of our QSEHRA service. The official answer: "Ask your accountant". Take Command Health is NOT a licensed certified public accountant (CPA) or qualified to…

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Missed the health insurance deadline? Here are your options

Maybe you chose a plan you'd like to change or the deadline caught you by surprise. You can still change! Although the December 15th deadline to purchase a health plan that starts Jan 1st, 2017…

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Medi-Share Review: My family's experience this year

What we learned from our year on Medi-Share

Last year, I wrote a high-level review of Medi-Share from my perspective as an insurance professional. I focused on explaining what Medi-Share was and…

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With growing family, Bachelor Sean Lowe seeks better health insurance options

Image Source: Julie Cate Photography

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