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Texas Teachers: It's not too late to get out of TRS!

by Jack

**This article has been updated to include 2017 TRS rates that are even higher than last year**

Teachers, it's not too late!

Back to school means it's time to sign up for a health insurance plan.  But is TRS health really the best deal for you and your family?

The answer is probably not.  We've run the numbers and found that in most cases, teachers can save a lot of money and get better coverage if they put their spouses and kids on a non-TRS plan from Blue Cross, Aetna, Humana, or others.  Not just a little bit of money, but up to $500/mo for a family!

But, my school deadline has passed!

The reality is you can still make changes up until the TRS deadline of 8/22!  This applies even if you've already turned in your forms for the year.

Many benefit managers will wisely set an internal deadline for their schools a few weeks of the TRS deadline to avoid a paper rush.  We get that.  At the same time, TRS permits you to make elections up until 8/22.  There's a good chance your benefits manager hasn't even submitted your form yet.  If he or she has, it's easy to make a change.  You can help him or her out by using the 2017 TRS change form.

How do I know if I can save with a non-TRS plan?

We can help you!  We’ve designed a first-of-its-kind website just for teachers.  We'll help you compare all of your options–including TRS, Blue Cross, Aetna, Humana, United, and othersto see what's best for you and your family.

We’ll even factor in your district’s contribution amount, help you search for your doctors and prescriptions, and make it really simple to enroll.

We don’t charge any fees for the use of our teacher site and our advice is data-driven and objective.  We think teachers deserve better!  Give it a try.

Let's go!

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Hi, I'm Jack! Jack is passionate about shining a light into the health insurance black box. As a co-founder of Take Command Health, he enjoys thinking of new tools and opportunities to empower consumers of health care. When not working on Take Command, he can be found with his family or watching college sports.