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Medi-Share: A Faith Based Alternative to Health Insurance

Overwhelmed by the insane cost of traditional health insurance? This year, Take Command Health is offering Medi-Share in addition to insurance plans from the brokers you know like Aetna, Blue Cross, United, Cigna and Humana.

So... what is Medi-Share? Medi-Share is a non-insurance alternative to traditional health insurance that allows Christians to pool their resources and share the cost of each other's health care bills. Members of Medi-Share are exempt from the Affordable Care Act penalty for not having health insurance.

So... how does it work? When you become a member of Medi-Share, you select an annual household portion and a standard monthly share. Each month you pay your "standard monthly share" similar to how you pay a monthly premium on traditional insurance. Your share then goes to help pay the medical bills of other members.

When you go to the doctor, you pay a "provider fee" similar to a copay. Your doctor will then submit the rest of your bill to Medi-Share. After Medi-Share receives the bill, they process it for any applicable discounting and you pay the bill if you haven't hit your "annual household portion." Medi-Share then tracks that amount against your "annual household portion."

Once you hit your "annual household portion" all of your medical bills are then eligible to be shared between Medi-Share members.

Not all services that are covered by traditional insurance are covered by Medi-Share--for example, pregnancy outside of marriage or anything that may happen as a result of smoking/drug use. Additionally, many pre-existing conditions are not covered by Medi-Share (though Medi-Share members often help other members pay for care related to pre-existing conditions even though it isn't technically covered.)


Our goal at Take Command Health is to help you find the coverage that works best for your family--whether that's traditional insurance or an alternative like Medi-Share. Want to compare the two side-by-side?
Stop by Take Command Health today!


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