Medi-Share App: Connect with your health, community on the go

by Larissa

In case you aren’t familiar with Medi-Share, it is a faith-based health insurance alternative that provides healthcare cost sharing. As a member, you pay a monthly share into the community that helps to not only pay for your medical bills but helps to pay for others as well. In an effort to make members' lives easier, they launched a new app that helps you keep up to date with your plan when you're on the go.

Here's what the app can do. 

Track annual household portion

Each household’s monthly share is based on the age of the oldest applicant and how many family members are participating. There are seven Annual Household Portion (AHP) options from $500 to $10,000 with monthly shares based on a sliding scale. You’re only eligible for the $500 portion if you are single and between the ages of 18-29. With the app, you can check on your remaining portion for the month at any time and from anywhere.

Check status of provider bills

The app allows you to keep track of your provider bills in one location and access them from any smartphone device. This is so convenient! 

Search for providers

You have probably found yourself in a doctor’s office, being told that they are referring you to a specialist. Having the app at hand is great so that you can select the provider that will be covered before you even leave the office.

Connect with community

Connecting with the community through the app is a personal perk that most insurance companies don’t offer. Through the community portal, you can pray for each other and submit prayer requests, thank families who helped with your bills, find others in similar medical situations as yours, etc…

Other Medi-Share perks

This faith-based organization takes a genuine interest in their customers and wants to make every effort possible to make their resources effective and easy to use. So if you come across a glitch or if technology is evading you, their customer service reps are happy to help sort things out the old fashioned way.

Their website remains customer-friendly and any information you can’t seem to find on your app, the website provides, or you can contact a member of Medi-Share and they get back with you typically within the business day. Using the app allows you to get in contact with them even faster and receive answers almost as soon as they are sent.

On top of being knowledgeable when it comes to health insurance topics, the customer service reps will often pray for you when you call and do a great job keeping up with you and your family. 

Connecting with Medi-Share

If you don’t currently use this faith-based medical sharing organization for your healthcare coverage needs and are interested in learning more about this faith-based alternative to health insurance, contact us at Take Command Health and we can help get you set up quickly and walk you through your options to make sure this is the best one for you and your family!

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