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The game-changer: How to save money with telemedicine

by Ali

The plague loves to hit our house after the doctor’s office is closed. And it is always the same thing; myself or my husband trying to convince ourselves that we are not “that sick” or we can wait 'til morning (or worse, Monday) for when the doctor’s office reopens. In the few situations when we haven’t been able to wait for our doctor to resume their normal schedule, we have been thankful to save money with telemedicine through our Take Command Health premier membership. 

Call a doctor 24/7 from home

Prior to Teledoc we would have used Urgent Care or the ER to be seen. Which is a really expensive way (hello, $200- $500 copays!) to treat non emergency illnesses.  Based on Teladoc reporting, 8% of those using their services would have gone to the ER, 42% to urgent care, 38% to their primary care physician, 1% to a specialist and 11% would have done nothing.

The Teledoc process is quick and simple! Usually my husband can speak to a doctor faster than he can get dressed! 

First you need to set up your account which takes only a few minutes. When you are ill, you simply put in a request and the board certified doctor returns your call within minutes. After explaining your ailments to the doctor, they will advise you on a care plan and order prescriptions for you (if needed).  You can even upload a picture if you have questions. Then you are on your way to feeling better!

Premier Membership to Savings

Using the power of group buying, the Take Command Health Premier Membership Plan is one way consumers can save money on health expenses and utilize Teledoc. The Premier Membership complements your health insurance plan with pre-negotiated discounts on dental, vision, and pharmacy. In addition members have access to a medical bill negotiator, who will review your medical bills, look for errors, and negotiate with your doctors and hospitals to reduce your out of pocket cost!

Does my health insurance include Teledoc services?

Some consumers are finding that their individual health insurance does include Teledoc services for a fee. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield has a program called Virtual Visits where customers can call a doctor for a $44 copay. Blue Cross states that the average wait time to speak with a doctor is around 20 minutes, which is still faster than the 2 hours you would spend in Urgent Care. Aetna also offers telemedicine, but at a cost. 

In comparison, the Teledoc service with Take Command Health Premier Membership has $0 copay, and the doctor calls you within minutes.

Take Command’s Recommendation

We recommend customers read their plan documents to see if Teledoc is provided in their insurance plan. If not, consider signing up for the Premier Membership to utilize this amazing benefit. We believe once individuals start using Teledoc they will be amazed at the time saving and money saving benefits it has to offer.  

The Premier Membership is one way Take Command Health is helping individuals save money on health care. Starting at just $15/month it is an affordable add-on for everyone!


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Hi, I'm Ali! I wrote this blog because I love helping people decode confusing insurance jargon and understand the fine print. I'm a licensed health insurance professional and specialize in simplifying health insurance for individuals and small businesses. My QSEHRA articles have been featured regularly on Accounting Today, Accounting Web, HRWeb, and other industry publications. I'm also a member of Take Command Health's client success team and a full-time mom. Learn more about me and connect with me on our about us page. Thanks!