More options for individual health insurance in Tennessee for '19

by Amy

Great news: 2019 brings more insurance options to those living in Tennessee! Five carriers have offered individual plans to sell: Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee, Oscar Health, Cigna, and new this year, Bright Health and Celtic Insurance. 

This is great news for Tennessee families and individuals who shop for individual insurance plans instead of being covered through their employers. Here's what the health insurance options will look like this year.

    Oscar_Health_logo.svgOscar only sold plans in Nashville but this year they are offering coverage in Nashville and Memphis.


Cigna is expanding to Knoxville while currently serving Memphis, Nashville and the Tri-Cities.



Celtic Insurance is covering Memphis and Chattanooga.



Bright Health is covering Nashville, Knoxville, and Memphis.





BCBS Tennessee covers the entire state.







What to expect

Affordable Care Act rules have changed for 2019 since previous years. Thankfully there is no longer a tax penalty for individuals not having health coverage. But remember, there are many benefits for electing health coverage for you and your family. Each carrier listed above offers different levels of coverage dependent upon your unique needs and at varying price points.

Take Command Health is here to help you find the right health plan for you. We offer insight on traditional plans on and off the marketplace and faith based plans for you. Our insurance breakdown guide for Tennessee is a great tool to understand what each company offers in Tennessee.

You also can reach out to us at any time for full support in understanding all your options! Chat with us today or email us at

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