Happy 26th birthday! Its time to think about health insurance

by Amy

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Did you know that 26 is the big milestone in your life where you are no longer covered under your parent’s health insurance, thanks to the Affordable Care Act? Now you are officially an adult. Congratulations.

While you are preparing for an epic birthday bash, don’t forget to pencil in some time to think about your health insurance coverage. Making a smart decision now will save you big time down the road. That’s worth a celebration.

There’s good news. You have lots of affordable options!

If your employer doesn’t provide insurance, or you want to shop around, you have lots of affordable options on the free market. Young adults under age 30 can apply for a catastrophic health plan which is minimum coverage that will protect you from worst-case scenarios.

Six in 10 young adults qualify for coverage that costs $75 or less a month after tax credits!  This means a bronze plan may be a more affordable option after tax credits than the catastrophic plan and will offer better coverage.


Don’t even think about skipping out on health insurance.

You are smarter than that. The 2016 penalty for not being covered is 2.5% of household income or $695 per adult (plus $347.50 per child under 18), whichever is higher. This will come out of your federal tax return, so there is no avoiding it.


Not sure where to start? Take Command is here to help.

Take Command Health can help you navigate the health insurance scene with our easy-to-use online tool that uses data to provide unbiased plan analysis. We’ll help you compare more than 8,000 plans, check for tax credits, and decide which plan is best for you. It takes five minutes and it’s free!

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