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Burden to Blessing: How a Temple Commanded Their Healthcare Future

In the bustling heart of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a prominent Reform Jewish Congregation found itself grappling with a dilemma all too familiar to many small entities: the escalating costs and complexities of healthcare benefits. With an old health plan that consumed a significant portion of their personnel budget, and a market landscape riddled with challenges, the congregation needed a solution. 


Enter Take Command, a beacon of clarity in the murky waters of healthcare administration. This case study dives into how this congregation transitioned from an overwhelming health plan situation to a streamlined, cost-effective approach that prioritized the needs and well-being of its leaders.

Dual Duties in Harrisburg: Advocacy and Spiritual Leadership

This prominent Reform Jewish congregation thrives on its rich history and deep ties to the Greater Harrisburg region. Their influence spans beyond spiritual teachings, playing a pivotal role in various social justice initiatives. Central to its vibrancy and community outreach is a dedicated individual with a unique blend of responsibilities. 

By day, as a lobbyist, he shapes pivotal discussions in Pennsylvania's state government. By night, his attention turns inward to the 250-family congregation, overseeing its finances, ensuring congregants' concerns are addressed, and collaborating closely with the Rabbi and facility heads. This intricate balance of state politics and spiritual stewardship epitomizes his unwavering commitment to both realms.

The Healthcare Hurdle: Costs, Complexities, and Choices

Beneath the congregation's strong facade were pressing concerns, notably surrounding employee benefits. The current small group health plan, catering to just one employee, wasn’t just expensive—it was draining. Priced at $2,300 per month with a staggering $2,000 deductible, it swallowed nearly 30% of the personnel budget. 

But financial strain wasn't the only hurdle. 

Harrisburg's insurance terrain presented its own set of complexities. Amidst a sea of insurers, each touting distinct network and cost-sharing options, finding a fitting solution can be complex and confusing. The prevalent trend of self-funding was impractical for their congregation's size, complicating their search for a suitable solution.


Pivoting to Progress: The Shift to Take Command

The Temple was at a crossroads. The small group community rating in Pennsylvania was wreaking havoc on small employers, shaking the very foundation of how businesses managed their benefits. With self-funding siphoning off the healthier groups, the market was left in disarray. 

Employers, including the congregation, found themselves in a challenging position: compromise on the quality of benefits or forgo them altogether. It was an untenable situation. 

But as the saying goes, "When one door closes, another opens." For this Temple, this new door was introduced by a trusted neighbor deeply entrenched in the benefit design space. His recommendation? Take Command.

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Choosing Take Command for HRA Administration

Referrals are powerful, especially when they come from trusted sources. The glowing endorsement from the congregation's neighbor wasn't just words; it was backed by tangible results he had witnessed firsthand. This recommendation, coupled with Take Command's evident expertise and tailored solutions, made the decision clear. Take Command wasn't just another HRA administrator; they were a partner, ready to steer the congregation through the murky waters of health benefits.

An Excellent HRA Enrollment Process Experience

The transition to a new system or service can often be daunting, filled with paperwork, misunderstandings, and prolonged wait times. However, with Take Command, it was a breath of fresh air. Tala, from the enrollment team, emerged as a guiding star. Her dedication and expertise shone through every step of the way. Whether it was answering queries, addressing concerns, or simplifying complex processes, Tala was there, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience. In just over an hour, the rabbi and the congregation president were onboarded, marking the start of a new chapter in their benefits journey.


A Transformation Tale: Revelations with Take Command

No longer weighed down by cumbersome health plans and steep deductibles, the atmosphere was one of relief and gratitude. Among the voices of appreciation, the rabbi's stood out. With the freedom to choose his own plan, he now enjoyed comprehensive coverage that met his needs, all without the burden of a deductible. His satisfaction resonated within the congregation, serving as a testament to the positive shift brought about by Take Command.

HRA Benefits Management

Behind the scenes, managing the benefits became a streamlined affair. Integration with the congregation's payroll system, "paychex", was seamless. Gone were the days of labor-intensive processes and hours spent on paperwork. Now, with just a few clicks, the president could approve payroll and ensure the rabbi received his tax-free payment every month. The efficiency was unparalleled; in fact, managing the plan took no more than a mere three minutes each month. It wasn’t just about simplifying processes; it was about giving back valuable time.

Tangible Benefits of HRAs

Tangible Benefits of HRAs
The numbers spoke volumes. With the implementation of Take Command, the congregation witnessed a staggering reduction in health care expenses, cutting costs by over 35%. But it wasn't just about the monetary savings. The true value lay in the improved quality of benefits. The rabbi, who had once grappled with a $2,000 deductible, now had a plan with no deductible, encompassing dental and vision coverage as well.

The congregation wasn't just saving; they were upgrading, ensuring their dedicated leaders received the best care possible.


Lessons from the Leap: Insights and Outcomes

The adoption of the HRA by the congregation heralded a new era of financial flexibility, a more contented rabbi, and a significantly improved benefits plan. For other small businesses navigating the healthcare conundrum, there's a word of advice: the stability and value inherent in the individual group market should not be overlooked, especially when weighed against the tumultuous small group options. In conclusion, the congregation's partnership with Take Command was more than just a switch in plans. It was a holistic shift towards an efficient and strategic approach to benefits, demonstrating the profound impact of informed decisions in healthcare benefits.

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