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Mental health startup benefits get competitive

Company Profile-ForteForte is an employee mental wellness platform built for both the healthy and the hurting designed to unlock the inner strength of a company—one person at a time. They’re growing quickly and need a health benefits plan that can easily scale and grow with the company as it expands. Since their mental wellness platform is easy to use they wanted a benefits model that was the same way, not outdated and confusing old school insurance.

A Take Command Review

Forte is the world’s first comprehensive soul care platform designed to improve workplace mental wellness. They’re growing quickly and need a health benefits plan that can easily scale and grow with the company as it expands. Since their mental health platform is easy to use they wanted a benefits model that was the same way, not an outdated and confusing old school insurance. 

Growing together in harmony 

As Forte grows the business and adds to their team, they realized they needed to find a health benefits solution that would grow alongside them. 

Megan Lanz, Head of Brand & Marketing at Forte, remembers that a startup she was involved with previously partnered with Take Command for their benefits solution, and she liked what she saw. 

The app is awesome. UX is awesome. The support team is so helpful and amazing. It’s been an easy experience.

Megan loves that Take Command provides a simplified process and easy solution to something that has been historically complicated. As Head of Brand & Marketing, she also acted as the benefits manager and said previously she “never knew what on earth I was doing.” (We feel you on that one!) Now, Megan loves that managing employee health benefits “takes no time at all” using the Take Command QSEHRA platform.

HRA Highlights-Forte

Unleash inner strengths with a modern health benefits solution

As an innovative mental health platform, supporting employee health and well-being is a top priority for Forte. They needed a modern benefits solution to rise to the challenge. 

Employers that want to attract top talent need to have an employee benefits model to do so. But trying to fit an up and coming start up into traditional health insurance doesn’t work. Forte needed something that could be nimble and quick, just like they are. 

It was time to get creative. 

Since Megan was familiar with Take Command, and also understood the drawbacks of being forced into something that isn’t a fit, having to switch carriers, and providers, and just generally not having control of your healthcare benefits, she knew there was only one option for Forte. 

Forte decided to partner with Take Command and work together to unleash the inner strengths of each of their platforms. Together, they can provide top-notch benefits that position them to be able to take quantum leaps forward during their growth phase, without being held back by the drudgery of group insurance. 

Forte now offers a Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA.) Employees can pick the healthcare plan they want and get reimbursed. 

I like QSEHRA because it gives employees freedom and flexibility and the administrative aspect is so easy.

A healthcare benefit that grows with the company

As Forte expands and scales, they’ll be in position to offer competitive healthcare benefits and not feel tied down by the old way of offering healthcare coverage. QSHERA gives them the flexibility they need to grow. 

Megan says offering QSEHRA makes the company more attractive to employees. 

“When we tell people what our benefits are they say oh my gosh that’s so great what a perk!”

A benefits solution that integrates with your business

William reports that managing the QSEHRA has been simple and hands-off. Everything runs smoothly and he can manage the QSEHRA through the intuitive Take Command dashboard. The seamless integration makes a once tedious process simple to manage. 

William loves that a Take Command QSEHRA is:

  • Flexible and gives employees the freedom to choose individual health insurance plans
  • Reimbursable and tax-free
  • Responsive and easy to manage

Here’s what the President of Forte, William Norvell, had to say about his experience.

We have loved our experience with Take Command. It allows all of our employees' flexibility with their health plans and is easy to administer. The downloadable CSV files make it so easy to do payroll at the end of each month.

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About Forte

The world’s first SoulCare™ platform for the workforce. For CEOs who want their employees to Paraclete is the world’s first SoulCare™ platform for the workforce that provides access to experienced professionals who - without agenda or judgment - guide workers in processing inevitable, unknown and unique life circumstances.

Through confidential conversations, Forte helps business leaders actualize a thriving workforce where workers can bring their whole selves to work, becoming more healthy and engaged.

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