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The Play Schools: Making ICHRA as easy as A-B-C

Company Profile-The Play Schools

The Play Schools, under the dedicated leadership of Katie Kelly, embarked on a transformative journey to provide essential health benefits to their staff. As a small business owner and a working mom of six, Katie juggles numerous responsibilities including HR, payroll, and program development. The Play Schools, characterized by their family-oriented legacy and Katie's mother's foundational role, operate three preschools catering to 180 children each. With a team of 75 staff members, Katie's daily routine revolves around ensuring seamless operations and addressing the constant challenge of staff call-offs.


The decision to introduce health benefits was a strategic move to enhance the organization's competitive edge in the childcare industry. Prior to this, The Play Schools faced the challenge of losing potential employees to corporate childcare chains that offered more robust health insurance plans. Katie's initiative to offer health benefits signifies a significant step in the evolution of The Play Schools, both as a nurturing environment for children and as a supportive workplace for its employees. This introduction and background set the stage for understanding the complexities and triumphs of The Play Schools’ journey in implementing health benefits with Take Command.

Overcoming Employee Benefits Challenges at The Play Schools

The Play Schools faced considerable obstacles in offering health benefits, impacting their ability to compete with larger corporate childcare chains in staff recruitment and retention. Without a health benefits plan, they struggled to attract and keep skilled employees. Additionally, the high costs and limitations of traditional group health insurance plans posed significant challenges for the small business, prompting the need for a more viable and flexible solution. This led Katie Kelly and The Play Schools to seek alternative options, culminating in their partnership with Take Command.

The Search for a Solution

Faced with the challenge of providing affordable health benefits, The Play Schools began exploring alternative solutions. This search was catalyzed by the need to offer competitive benefits while managing the constraints of a small business. The turning point came with a recommendation from their insurance provider for Take Command, known for its innovative health benefits solutions. This recommendation opened the door to a more adaptable and financially feasible approach to employee health benefits, aligning with The Play Schools' unique needs and leading to the eventual partnership with Take Command.

Choosing Take Command: A Strategic Decision for The Play Schools

The decision to partner with Take Command was a strategic move for The Play Schools. Take Command's reputation for efficient health benefits management and their ability to offer a tailored Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) resonated with the needs of Katie Kelly and her team. This choice was influenced by their insurance provider's recommendation and the need for a solution that was both cost-effective and inclusive for their diverse staff. The Play Schools' selection of Take Command marked a significant step towards addressing their health benefits challenges effectively.

HRA Highlights-The Play Schools

Implementing Health Benefits with Take Command

The implementation of Take Command’s health benefits plan at The Play Schools was a smooth and streamlined process. Focusing on simplicity, the enrollment process was designed to be user-friendly, catering to the varying needs of the 75 staff members. This plan, notable for its equal reimbursement policy for all employees without scaling by family size or age, covered only premium costs. The approach taken by Take Command allowed The Play Schools to offer health benefits efficiently, meeting their objective of providing a valuable employee benefit while maintaining operational ease.

Employee Feedback and Business Impact

Since introducing Take Command’s health benefits plan, The Play Schools have observed positive feedback from their employees. Staff members appreciated the new benefits, which offered them a sense of security and acknowledgment, especially significant for the five participating employees. The plan's straightforward structure – providing $100 biweekly for premiums – was well-received, although there is consideration for increasing this amount to further support the staff.

This initiative has had a beneficial impact on the business, enhancing employee satisfaction and loyalty. By addressing a critical need within their workforce, The Play Schools not only improved their position as a competitive employer in the childcare industry but also took a significant step in fostering a more committed and stable work environment. This shift highlights the strategic value of investing in employee health benefits, especially for small businesses like The Play Schools.

A Forward-Looking Approach to Employee Benefits

The journey of The Play Schools in implementing a health benefits plan with Take Command reflects a forward-looking approach to employee welfare and business management. Under the leadership of Katie Kelly, the preschools have successfully navigated the challenge of offering valuable health benefits, enhancing their appeal as an employer and improving staff satisfaction and loyalty.

This success story is an inspiring example for other small businesses facing similar challenges. The Play School’s journey demonstrates the impact that thoughtful, well-implemented employee benefits can have on both staff well-being and overall business success. By prioritizing the needs of their employees and embracing innovative solutions, The Play Schools have set a precedent for how small businesses can adapt to meet the evolving demands of the modern workforce.




Client Stories

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