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Crafting the Perfect Mix: How Liquor Lab Elevated Employee Benefits


Company Profile-Liquor Labs

Liquor Lab operates in the vibrant craft beverage sector, offering specialized cocktail and mixology classes in Nashville and Louisville, by focusing on popular concoctions, including old fashioneds and whiskey cocktails. For startups like Liquor Lab, especially those in their growth phase, delivering comprehensive benefits to a largely hourly workforce is an uphill battle. The intricate landscape of employee benefits, paired with budget constraints, often poses a dilemma: how to remain cost-effective while prioritizing employee well-being? This conundrum becomes even more pressing as they strive to stand out and secure dedicated staff in a bustling industry.

Reason for Choosing Take Command

Take Command's enrollment process proved to be both intuitive and efficient. From the feedback Ani received, employees found the transition easy to navigate. A pivotal point was the integration with the existing payroll system, Rippling, which facilitated seamless reimbursements without added administrative hurdles.

The reason we chose Take Command over other HRA administrators is twofold. One is that Take Command is digital. First, they were built for the digital world. Their platform is super easy to use. The second reason is customer service. They have phenomenal customer service that serves the administrators, like myself, but they also really help our employees as they make the decisions about which plan works for them.

The Enrollment Experience

Integrating a new system often comes with its set of challenges. For Liquor Lab, the journey with Take Command was a blend of revelations and adaptations.

Discovering the Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) was a revelation for Ani. He recognized the disruptive and unique nature of HRAs, viewing them as a significant shift from conventional benefits systems.

On the ground, employees voiced their experiences, highlighting the ease of using the platform. Specific aspects like the reimbursement process stood out, coupled with the novelty of the HRA concept, which many had never encountered before.

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Benefits Management with Take Command

With the implementation phase behind them, how did Liquor Lab fare in its day-to-day interaction with the platform?

Contrary to potential concerns about time-intensive processes, managing benefits via Take Command required minimal time investment from the Liquor Lab team.

On a routine basis, the platform served as a hub for checks and generating monthly reports, ensuring that everything ran smoothly.

While setting up any new system can be daunting, Liquor Lab's experience was efficient. The setup took a mere 1-2 hours, aided by the patient guidance they received throughout.

Key Takeaways from the Take Command Experience

Reflecting on the journey, several aspects stood out for Liquor Lab.
Ani candidly shared his initial reservations, expressing how he found the idea of HRAs slightly intimidating. However, as they delved deeper, the ease of use became apparent. 

In a testament to the platform's efficiency, the monthly time commitment to oversee benefits through Take Command averaged at just about an hour, underscoring its user-friendliness and efficiency.

Navigating Health Benefits with Take Command

The evolving landscape of health benefits emphasizes flexibility, especially for rapidly growing businesses. Liquor Lab chose Take Command primarily for this flexibility. The HRA administration platform catered to the needs of both the company and its employees, eliminating exhaustive evaluations of big-name providers like Cigna or United.

Ani was already swamped with responsibilities and unfamiliar with the nuances of health benefits, so it was a natural choice to move forward with an HRA, where the employees — who know their  individual health needs best — can choose their own health plan. 

Before partnering with Take Command, the company was unfamiliar with HRAs. The introduction of this innovative concept received significant praise, marking a welcome disruption from the traditional health benefits model.

In summary, partnering with Take Command offers a clear path for small businesses. By focusing on flexibility, empowering employees, and adopting innovative solutions, businesses can effectively tackle the challenges of health benefits.

In wrapping up, the journey with Take Command underscores the profound impact that thoughtful, efficient, and employee-centric benefit solutions can have on a business. For Ani, it was not just about solving a problem but about pioneering a path that combined operational prowess with genuine care for his team.


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