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Restaurant chain grapples with benefits across state lines

Company Profile-SnarfsSnarf’s Sandwiches, a Colorado-born business, has been serving their customers with delicious, award-winning sandwiches since 1996. Known for their unique flavor profiles and quality ingredients, Snarf’s has grown from a single location to a burgeoning business with nearly 100 employees. However, navigating the complexities of employee healthcare proved to be a challenging aspect of their growth. Faced with a significant 46% increase in premium for their large group plan in 2021, Snarf’s human resources director, Cara Greene, knew she needed to find a more sustainable option.

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Facing the Healthcare Challenge Head-On

Snarf’s Sandwiches sought a flexible and cost-effective healthcare solution for their diverse workforce. The rising premium cost of their existing large group plan was simply not sustainable. They were introduced to the Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) concept by their broker. Despite the daunting nature of this significant transition, their determination led them to choose Take Command, a leading ICHRA administrator, as their strategic partner for this innovative healthcare reform.

Another issue Snarf's faced was that as they expanded into new states and locations, it became clear that administering health benefits in different rating areas and different states meant multiple plans, multiple renewals, and multiple deadlines. 

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Transformation Through Partnership with Take Command

Take Command was instrumental in helping Snarf's Sandwiches implement the ICHRA model, which turned out to be a resounding success, offering Snarf’s employees the flexibility to select a healthcare plan that best suits their needs and financial situation. Under this new model, the company provides set reimbursement amounts for premiums based on age, empowering employees to choose a plan that best suits their personal health needs. This represented a radical departure from the 'one-size-fits-all' approach of their previous group health insurance plan.

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Outcomes and Forward-Looking Plans

With the implementation of the ICHRA, Snarf's Sandwiches has fundamentally changed the way they provide health benefits.

Employees now enjoy the freedom to select the health plan that best suits their needs and lifestyles, while the company helps offset their premiums.

This approach has effectively transformed Snarf's Sandwiches into a more competitive employer, committed to their team's health and well-being.

Take Command's ICHRA administration software and service has been instrumental in facilitating this transformation. The platform's user-friendly interface, educational resources, and dedicated support team have made the transition to the ICHRA model smooth and hassle-free, paving the way for a new era of employee health benefits at Snarf’s Sandwiches.

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The company also found great value in Colorado’s large selection of individual plans and its reinsurance program, which helped lower costs.

The support provided by Take Command ensured the transition was smooth, helping the company navigate the complex transition to this new healthcare model.

However, implementing ICHRAs is not without challenges. Despite the reduction in agents selling individual health insurance and the required expertise for successful transition, Take Command proved invaluable in mitigating these issues, providing the necessary guidance and support.

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Charting the Path to Prosperity with ICHRA: Snarf’s Sandwiches Reimagines Employee Benefits

As Snarf’s Sandwiches steers into the future, the company’s strategy is clear – to continue capitalizing on the ICHRA model for the year 2023 and beyond. As part of this commitment, they are even contemplating an increase in the employee reimbursement benefit, a move that would directly increase the purchasing power of their employees in the health insurance marketplace.

The transition to the ICHRA model was more than a switch to a different health benefit strategy – it signified a philosophical shift, moving away from one-size-fits-all group plans and towards a personalized, employee-centric approach to healthcare. The success of this transition is evidenced not just in reduced company healthcare expenses, but also in the enhanced satisfaction and health outcomes among their employees.

The success story of Snarf's Sandwiches serves as a testament to the potential of ICHRAs and the transformative power of Take Command's ICHRA administration software and service. Facing a scenario of escalating healthcare costs, this Colorado-born sandwich chain turned a challenge into an opportunity, setting a new benchmark for employee health benefits and leading the way for other businesses.

As Take Command continues to play a pivotal role in this shift, they are not merely facilitating a change in health benefits administration – they are actively contributing to a broader reimagining of how businesses can support the health and well-being of their employees in a cost-effective and empowering way. The journey of Snarf's Sandwiches encapsulates this transformation, embodying the true value of ICHRAs as a flexible, personalized, and financially sustainable solution to rising healthcare costs.

Take Command: Spearheading Flexible and Innovative Employee Health Benefit Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, Take Command's ICHRA administration software and service is proving to be a groundbreaking tool for businesses like Snarf's Sandwiches, which need flexible, cost-effective solutions for employee health benefits.

By joining forces with Take Command, Snarf's Sandwiches made a seamless transition to the ICHRA model.

This move granted their employees access to healthcare options that are more personalized and adaptable, while also keeping healthcare costs under control.

Take Command's user-friendly platform, comprehensive educational resources, and a devoted support team all contribute to a streamlined and stress-free experience for employees navigating this new healthcare landscape. The ICHRA solution empowers employees to choose plans that meet their specific needs, granting them greater autonomy over their healthcare choices. This aligns perfectly with Snarf's Sandwiches' commitment to cultivating a supportive and inclusive work environment.

As businesses grapple with the challenges of managing employee health benefits, Take Command's ICHRA administration software and service is increasingly being seen as an attractive solution. With a focus on innovation, flexibility, and stellar customer service, Take Command is well-positioned to assist businesses like Snarf's Sandwiches in navigating the intricate and ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Take Command equips them with the tools and resources necessary to promote the health and well-being of their employees.

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