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Tech company addresses its healthcare challenges head-on with ICHRA

Company Profile-RacomRACOM, a forward-thinking company, found itself facing a significant challenge when its existing group health insurance provider, Aetna, proposed a 40% increase in premiums at renewal time. Recognizing that neither the company nor its employees could sustain such a cost hike, RACOM began exploring alternative healthcare solutions. RACOM needed to find a cost-effective option that would benefit the company and provide its employees with access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare.

After conducting thorough research, RACOM discovered the benefits of offering an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA). This innovative approach to employee health benefits provides a more personalized and flexible solution for workers, allowing them to choose plans tailored to their needs.

They turned to Take Command's ICHRA administration software and service to find a cost-effective solution that would benefit both the company and its employees.

Take Command, a reputable ICHRA administration software and service provider, caught RACOM's attention as the ideal partner in this transition.

The company's user-friendly platform, educational resources, and dedicated support team offered RACOM the confidence that their employees would have a seamless experience navigating the new healthcare landscape.

By selecting Take Command, RACOM aimed to address its healthcare challenges head-on while providing employees a smooth transition to a more flexible and personalized healthcare solution. The easy-to-use Take Command platform and exceptional customer support made the decision even more compelling for RACOM, as it ensured the new ICHRA would be both accessible and manageable for their employees.

RACOM: embracing ICHRA to align employee health benefits with the company's commitment to safety, support, and innovation

RACOM is a leading technology solutions provider specializing in the design, sale, installation, and maintenance of the critical communication systems used in the "second half of the 911 response equation." The company is dedicated to ensuring public safety and security by offering Rugged, Resilient & Robust communication solutions backed by the most Reliable, Responsive & Relentless implementation and support to first responders everywhere.

From the moment an emergency dispatcher answers a 911 call until police, fire, and ambulances arrive on the scene, RACOM ensures seamless communication through specialized phone systems, pagers, radios, voice recorders, warning lights, and sirens. With a mission to prepare agencies and industries for success, safety, and productivity, RACOM's vision is to be the unparalleled provider of choice in technical leadership, business model flexibility, and innovative practices.

With an unwavering commitment to public safety, RACOM continually strives to deliver exceptional communication solutions and support to first responders, ensuring they can effectively carry out their vital roles in protecting our communities.

As an employer, RACOM values the well-being of its employees and strives to create a supportive and inclusive work culture. The company understands that investing in its workforce is crucial to achieving long-term success and aims to provide comprehensive benefits packages that cater to the diverse needs of its team members. RACOM is dedicated to fostering a work environment where employees feel valued and empowered to contribute their unique skills and perspectives.

In recent years, RACOM has faced challenges in managing its employee health benefits, prompting the company to explore innovative solutions such as the Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) in partnership with Take Command.

This strategic move has allowed RACOM to maintain control over its healthcare costs while offering employees increased flexibility and choice in their healthcare options.

As RACOM continues to grow and evolve, it remains committed to delivering outstanding service to its clients, nurturing a talented workforce, and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the industries it serves.

RACOM's journey: navigating healthcare challenges and partnering with Take Command to unlock affordable ICHRA solutions

The proposed premium increase by Aetna would have been unsustainable for RACOM and its employees. They needed an alternative healthcare solution that would save the company money and provide employees with access to affordable healthcare options. After researching ICHRAs and with guidance from Holmes Murphy, RACOM chose Take Command as their ICHRA administration partner due to its user-friendly platform, educational resources, and dedicated support team.

HRA Highlights-Racom

Empowering RACOM's employees with a seamless transition to personalized healthcare solutions

Take Command's ICHRA administration software and service played a pivotal role in RACOM's successful transition to a more adaptable and customized healthcare solution for its workforce. The user-friendly interface and exceptional customer support offered by Take Command allowed RACOM's employees to confidently and effortlessly navigate the new healthcare landscape, minimizing confusion and stress during the change.

Additionally, the ICHRA solution presented by Take Command empowered employees to select health plans that best suited their individual requirements and preferences, granting them increased control over their healthcare choices. This level of personalization ensured that employees could focus on securing the coverage that matched their specific needs without feeling constrained by limited options.

By providing a seamless experience, comprehensive educational resources, and ongoing support, Take Command's ICHRA administration software and service facilitated RACOM's smooth transition. They delivered a more tailored and empowering healthcare experience for its employees. This ultimately contributed to higher employee satisfaction and better overall health outcomes for RACOM's workforce.

Take Command's ICHRA solution: boosting employee participation and financial savings for RACOM

Leveraging Take Command's ICHRA solution, RACOM successfully maintained its annual insurance costs at approximately $1 million while simultaneously increasing the number of employees participating in their healthcare plan. Out of the 124 full-time employees, 86 have opted for the ICHRA, resulting in the majority experiencing increased take-home pay due to the ICHRA reimbursement amounts offsetting most, if not all, of their monthly premium expenses.

With the ICHRA model in place, RACOM employees now enjoy a wider array of options than their previous group health plan. Although the initial transition to ICHRA proved challenging for some employees, most have since gained confidence and comfort with the new approach after a full year of experience and two open enrollment periods.

This positive shift in employee sentiment has led RACOM to commit to offering the ICHRA in future plan years, reflecting their satisfaction with Take Command's ICHRA administration software and service.

Take Command: the ideal solution for companies seeking innovative employee health benefit strategies

Take Command's ICHRA administration software and service has proven to be a game-changer for companies like RACOM, seeking cost-effective and innovative healthcare solutions for their employees. By partnering with Take Command, RACOM seamlessly transitioned to the ICHRA model, providing employees with more personalized and flexible healthcare options while maintaining control over healthcare costs.

Take Command's easy-to-use platform, educational resources, and dedicated support team ensure that employees have a smooth and stress-free experience navigating the new healthcare landscape. Moreover, the ICHRA solution allows employees to choose plans tailored to their needs, giving them more control over their healthcare options and supporting RACOM's commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive work culture.

As companies face challenges in managing employee health benefits, Take Command's ICHRA administration software and service is becoming an increasingly attractive solution. With a focus on innovation, flexibility, and exceptional customer support, Take Command is poised to help companies like RACOM navigate the complex and ever-changing healthcare landscape, providing them with the tools and resources they need to support the health and well-being of their employees.

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