We make Small Business HRAs (QSEHRA) really easy and affordable.

Smart Setup

No Setup Fees! Our experts optimize your QSEHRA to fit your needs. We'll handle all the legal and accounting docs.

Employee Onboarding

Our concierge team will help your employees get setup. If they need a health plan, we'll help them find the best one for their needs.

Easy Admin & Compliance

Never worry or hassle with administration and compliance. We'll handle reporting, compliance, and taxes automatically.

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Easy Reimbursment Requests

Employees can request reimbursement online or on their mobile from their benefits portal.

Simple Approval and Tracking

We’ll automatically approve reimbursements that fit your HRA criteria and update employee balances.

Automatic Tax Reporting and Compliance

Get monthly reimbursement reports delivered right to your (or your accountant’s) inbox. We’ll help with year-end tax stuff too.

Integrations with popular accounting and payroll services coming soon!

QSEHRA: Affordable benefits for small businesses

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Small Business HRA (QSEHRA) FAQs

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Why haven't I heard of HRAs like this before? Will it work with Obamacare or "Trumpcare"?

It’s brand new! HRA reimbursement for small businesses (under 50 employees) became legal effective January 1st, 2017 as part of the 21st Century Cures Act. The law created a "Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement" or QSEHRA. It's basically an HRA for companies under 50 full-time employees.

The law was passed with bipartisan support and signed by President Obama before he left office. QSEHRAs are featured in most of the leading Republican replacement plans for Obamacare--in other words, it's currently the law of the land and we don't think it's going anywhere.

What’s the maximum amount I can contribute to my employees through the HRA?

For 2018, the maximum HRA contribution is $5,050 for single employees and $10,250 for families. These amounts will go up each year with inflation.

Is there a minimum I have to contribute?

Nope! We typically recommend at least 50% of a Bronze plan premium, but it's totally up to you. Our design experts are available to help you figure out what your employees can buy at certain rates.

Can I contribute different amounts for each employee?

To remain compliant, the HRA must be made available in a fair manner to your employees.

You can vary rates based on employee age or employee family status (single, couple, or family). As long as everyone that fits the criteria you set is treated fairly, you're good to go.

Part-time, contractors, and seasonal workers can be excluded. However, if you do include them, they must receive the same rate as full-time employees in the same age group or family status.

Our experts will help you come up with an efficient HRA design that’s also compliant.

How do I save money with an HRA versus a traditional small group plan?

Savings come primarily from plan optimization. When you choose a small group plan, you're locking employees into a one-size-fits all situation with one doctor network, one drug formulary, and a few plan designs.

With an HRA, employees have access to many more options. We'll help them discover the best plan that fits their unique needs. Everyone gets what they want and you pay less!

Can employees claim a federal tax credit AND participate in the HRA?

It’s an either/or scenario. Each dollar reimbursed through the HRA reduces the amount of potential tax credits. This is where our expertise and HRA design will come in so you don’t pay money Uncle Sam would pay otherwise--We’ll help employees choose the path that gets them the best deal and saves you money.

Are HRA contributions and reimbursements subject to payroll and income taxes?

Nope! As long as your HRA is active and in compliance, you’re good to go. We’ll provide you with all the tax forms and reporting you and your accountant need.

When can we start the HRA?

You can set up the HRA and start making reimbursements at any time.

However, employees need to have qualified coverage to be able to participate. If they already have their own plan or are on their spouse's plan, great! If they need to purchase a plan, they can do it during Open Enrollment (Nov and Dec) or if they qualify for a Special Enrollment (requires a qualifed life change). Our design experts can help!

Note: If you’re currently offer a group plan, canceling it will trigger a special enrollment period and allow your employees to purchase an individual plan.

What happens when a new employee joins the company or someone leaves?

When a new employee joins, they can join the HRA right away or be required to wait up to 90 days before being eligible for HRA reimbursements. We'll work with you to set this this waiting period (if any) in place when we create your HRA.

When an employee leaves, unlike small group plans, there are no COBRA requirements. Your employees own their own plans. Your reimbursements will stop but your employee can keep his or her plan.

Why is my broker friend not offering this solution?

The law is pretty new still, so we’ll cut them some slack. Typically though, brokers like one-size-fits-all group plans because they’re easier to sell—optimizing for each employee would be a time consuming headache. Our proprietary software makes optimization and support automatic and easy!

If they're interested, we love to work with brokers. Have them contact us or visit our partners page.

How do I get started?

We’re a no pressure sales kind of company. We’re happy to answer questions and even run an analysis of your HRA and small group options for your business.

Please schedule a time with us, chat with us, or drop us a line at support@takecommandhealth.com.

We look forward to getting to know you!