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What is QSEHRA

Video Overview: QSEHRA in Two(ish) Minutes

QSEHRAs simplify the process of providing health insurance and give you peace of mind. Say goodbye to complicated group plans.

We make QSEHRA easy

Get up and running in 2-3 minutes with our online QSEHRA Designer and Administration platform. You run your business, we'll take care of your employees. 

Design your QSEHRA!

Custom QSEHRA Design

Automatic Tax Reporting

Employee Support & Onboarding

No Setup Fees, No Contracts

Mobile Receipt Tracking

Hassle-Free Compliance


Here are some commonly asked questions about our QSEHRA software platform

More QSEHRA Questions Answered

Can I offer my employees different reimbursement amounts?

Yes! You can vary the amounts employees are eligible to receive under QSEHRA as long as they meet the "same terms" requirement. See the "Reimbursement Rules" section of our QSEHRA guide for more information.

How do I add or remove an employee?

It's super easy. On our platform, you can manage your active employee roster. We only bill you for employees that are active in a given month.

Are there any setup fees?

Nope! Our pricing is simple and straightforward. You can learn more on our QSEHRA Administration page.

How do my employees find a health plan?

We can help! In fact, our specialty is helping individuals find a health plan with coverage for their doctors and prescriptions. You can see how our Enrollment specialists find a great insurance plan for your employees.

If your employees already have a great plan, they can keep it!