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Health Reimbursement Arrangement Administration

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Reimburse your employees tax-free with the industry’s only health reimbursement arrangement administration platform with hands-on enrollment support.

  • Manage benefits for an hour or less per month
  • Offer health insurance on your budget
  • Keep your employees happy and healthy
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HRA Administration

Take Command makes healthcare reimbursement simple and easy.

Flexible Designs

No more one-size fits all plans! HRA plans can be customized and designed to achieve you or your clients’ goals. 

Simple Administration

Take Command will automatically generate the documents your employees need and can help them search for and enroll in a plan online.

No Contribution Limits

There are no annual contribution caps. This allows employers to define unrestricted benefit budgets.

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Want to dive into the details of HRAs? 

Our HRA Guide will walk you through how HRAs work, HRA benefits, and HRA setup. 

Best Health Reimbursement Arrangement Management

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Union Orthotics and Prosthetics

"Facing a 40% renewal, our broker introduced us to the idea. Take Command provides the tools there for everybody to enroll in very easy formats on the platform."

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Taro Health

"To attract and maintain talent, we needed benefits. Managing our HRA has been simple and hands-off. I spend two hours a month managing and administering it."

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"Take Command has made it simple to set up and administer the small business HRA for StreamCare and we highly recommend it to other small businesses."

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What To Look For in Health Reimbursement Arrangement Administrators

Setting up a health reimbursement account is highly technical and potentially confusing, and there are many questions you need to ask. For example:

  • Do you understand the basics of a health insurance reimbursement plan, including what the benefits are, how they work, and how to administer such a program?
  • Do you know the difference between an ICHRA (Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement) and QSEHRA (Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement)?
  • Are you familiar with how much it will cost to administer an HRA? From a business perspective, are the costs worth the benefits?

Here's the truth: When done right, an HRA can provide a massive employee benefit to you and your company. It can help you attract talent, take advantage of the existing tax system, and ensure your business actively creates value for your employees. In a period where employee retention is harder than ever, creating programs that show your employees how much you value them can be key to recruiting and retaining top talent.

While an HRA is easy to create, your business must realize that all HRAs are not equal. Indeed, the many differences between different HRA administrators can make or break your HRA administration. Therefore, when looking for a world-class HRA administrator, you have to ask a few questions:

  • What assistance can the administrator provide my business with in setting up an HRA?
  • How customized can I make the HRA, and how easy will it be to operate?
  • What are the fees associated with the account?
  • What qualifies for reimbursement? What doesn't?
  • How is compliance managed?
  • Are there cloud-based, self-service options? 

In other words: You need the best. At Take Command, we can walk you through every step of the process and ensure that you can design a plan that perfectly fits the needs of your employees. 

What are HRA Administration Companies?

You may ask yourself a critical question: What do HRA administration companies do? 

An HRA administrator will engage in numerous services for your company, including:

  • Help your business create a plan design that fits your needs at the most affordable price.
  • Advertise the benefits of the HRA to your employees, helping them enroll and then walking them through the process of getting a reimbursement.
  • Create and manage a computer platform that ensures employees can easily get the necessary reimbursements.
  • Manage any reports and compliance, providing both you and your employees with the paperwork needed to ensure tax accuracy. 

You should also know that there are extensive differences between a health reimbursement account vs HSA (health savings account). These differences include the following:

  • HRAs are funded by employers, while employees fund HSAs.
  • HRAs can have a plan design managed by employers, while HSAs have reimbursements managed by tax guidelines.
  • HRAs are locked with employers, while HSAs are portable and can follow an employee from job to job.

As such, HRAs offer a major benefit to employees, and they can help your business create and maintain major employee value. 


Ready to Get Started?

Begin designing your ICHRA plan today and be set up in minutes. You could start reimbursing your employees tax-free sooner than you think. 

Get started today!

Begin designing your health reimbursement arrangement plan today and be set up in minutes. You could start reimbursing your employees tax-free sooner than you think.

Traits of the Best HRA Administrators

You likely already understand the importance of finding the best HRA administrators to create and manage a health reimbursement arrangement for your business. However, you may have additional questions: What should the best HRA administration look like? What features and services should they offer? How can you set the best HRA administrators apart from the rest?

Consider the following important attributes of HRA administrators. They should: 

  • Provide you with end-to-end service that is customizable to fit your needs. The best companies in this field can create an HRA plan, help you find it, promote it, and manage any financial requirements of the plan. In that capacity, they should provide complete customer service.
  • Create customizable plans. Some companies have no familiarity with a Health Reimbursement Arrangement Administrator. Other companies have used them for years. As such, the best plans can provide you with a customizable array of options.
  • Manage multiple HRA plans, including a QSEHRA or ICHRA.
  • Assist you in making HRA-related decisions and provide answers to all your questions.

In other words, the best HRA administrators can offer all the HRA-related products you could ever need and help you determine which specific products suit your needs. 

What is QSEHRA Administration?

A QSEHRA (Qualified Small Employers Health Reimbursement Arrangement) is a type of HRA meant to help small businesses and their employees set aside a certain amount of money, tax-free, for reimbursements. Unfortunately, you cannot administer a QSEHRA yourself. This restriction is due to HIPAA and a variety of related federal regulations. As such, there is no such thing as a self-administered QSEHRA.

What does this mean? You must find a QSEHRA third-party administrator with experience in this area who can handle your business needs, work with you to provide customized solutions, and understands the QSEHRA requirements of the federal government. The best QSEHRA administrators should meet these needs and provide you with an array of information, including:

  • A QSEHRA plan document that lays out specific plans, eligibility requirements, and costs.
  • Integration with your existing finance systems and payroll deductions.
  • Customer service that can answer questions and provide you with the expertise you need.


QSEHRA providers have to understand an array of information and be able to help you and your team achieve maximum tax efficiency. In doing so, they can keep your employees happy. This benefit will help you create a culture of success, improve employee retention, and attract the best employees. 

HRA Administration Fees

Regardless of what type of HRA you manage, you must pay HRA administration fees. These fees usually operate on a combination of a flat rate and per-employee price.  

Every HRA administrator should be clear and transparent about how much their products cost. If you cannot easily find this information, you may consider finding a new company.

At Take Command, our pricing is clear. If you are looking for our starter plan, we charge $20 per month, per employee, and a $40 monthly platform fee. We are very clear about what you get for this price, which includes:

  • Management of all payroll disbursements and compliance information.
  • Support across a variety of communications mediums.
  • Creation of a customizable HRA plan that fits your needs, regardless of if you are using an ICHRA or QSEHRA.
  • Administration of our online platform that can enable you to manage your reimbursements and entire plan.

If you are looking for a customized solution for businesses with more than fifty employees, contact us today. We can walk you through a customized price and additional support options. 

The Importance of HRA Administration Software

The HRA administration software you use will be critical to the success of your HRA plan. HRA administration software should come with an array of features, including:

  • Easy access to all HRA documents, including your HRA plan document, compliance reports, distribution information, and total costs.
  • Automatic billing, which ensures your account is current and your HRA is always funded.
  • Intuitive and flexible set-up options that allow you to create, modify and administer your entire HRA from within the platform. You should be able to use an online platform to create a start date, determine who on your team will participate, and set an overall budget.
  • On-boarding and administration tools that your business to easily enroll employees.
  • Smooth integration with any HR software you are already using. 

The importance of this software cannot be underestimated. However, as with any piece of technology, the success of your HRA will ultimately determine whether you can easily administer this program on your own and if you can get the help you need. At Take Command, we offer various support tools and an online demo that can ensure you and your team are as familiar with the process as necessary.

What are Health Reimbursement Arrangement Rules?

HRA requirements will change based on the company managing the HRA and the specifics of each plan. For example, there is no such thing as a self-administered QSEHRA: To establish a health reimbursement arrangement, a business must work with a third party that meets HIPAA requirements and has the necessary certification.

What does this mean for your business? Understanding health reimbursement arrangement rules can be extremely difficult. HRA rules for employers can be difficult to track, which may put your business in a difficult position. For example, what happens if an employee leaves your business? What happens to unused HRA funds? When can you enroll their replacement?

All of this makes it very clear: Your business cannot afford to work with a business that has a less-than-complete understanding of how HRAs work, how to customize them for specific businesses, and how to best support your business. When administered correctly, an HRA can add value and be an extremely useful employee benefit to your business. However, when executed improperly, they can be expensive and costly.

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