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Health insurance for small business

There's nothing small about small business. 
Your employee benefits should reflect that.

Want to know which HRA is right for you? Take our magic quiz.

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Start by telling us who you are.
How many full-time employees are there?
Will monthly reimbursements total more than $512 for individuals and $1,037 for families?
Which type of employees will be reimbursed?
Will reimbursement amounts differ between full-time and part-time employees?

Easy, affordable health insurance for small business

Whether you're coming over from a traditional group plan or are new to benefits altogether, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your health reimbursement arrangements (HRA) is simple, hands-off and easy. 

  • Insurance shopping guidance
  • Ongoing employee support
  • Easy-to-use admin dashboard
  • HIPAA compliance and IRS reporting


Not sure which HRA is best for your small business?

Lucky for you, small companies have more than one HRA type to choose from: the Qualified Small Employer HRA (QSEHRA) and the Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA).

Take our quiz to help you decide!

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We have loved our experience with Take Command. It gives our employees flexibility and is easy to administer. Their platform makes it so easy to do payroll each month.

As an innovative mental health platform, supporting employee health and well-being is a top priority for Forte. They needed a modern benefits solution to rise to the challenge and Take Command's simple HRA administration platform delivered. 


Join the 5,000+ businesses saving on health benefits with Take Command

Union Orthotics and Prosthetics

"Facing a 40% renewal, our broker introduced us to the idea. Take Command provides the tools there for everybody to enroll in very easy formats on the platform."

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Taro Health

"To attract and maintain talent, we needed benefits. Managing our ICHRA has been simple and hands-off. I spend two hours a month managing and administering it."

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"Take Command has made it simple to set up and administer the small business HRA for StreamCare and we highly recommend it to other small businesses."

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Want to see how much you can save in taxes?

Since health reimbursement arrangements are tax-free, small businesses like you can count on tax savings.

Use our HRA tax savings calculator to see how much you'll save.

quickly set up small business group health insurance

Get started with HRA benefits

Our team is ready to help. We'll explain the types of HRAs, how to reimburse employees for qualifying health plans, the differences between health reimbursement arrangements and group health plans, how to spend those HRA funds, and which medical expenses are reimbursable.

Learn about HRA types
Step 1

Set your budget and design your plan

Our platform will guide you step-by-step through the HRA design process, asking you all the right questions and helping you create your tax-advantaged small business health insurance plan.

How should I determine my budget?

You can set the budget however you please. Therefore, the right question is how much do you want to spend? Some employers contribute a few hundred dollars, while others offer a few thousand. You're in control. That's the power of your new HRA!

When should I start my HRA?

You should start your HRA whenever you want. Because both QSEHRA and ICHRA trigger what's called a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), you can offer your HRA as soon as next month* rather than waiting for Open Enrollment to begin.

If your employees already have qualifying health insurance, you can start your HRA as soon as today and your employees will be eligible for the entirety of this month’s allowance.

[*Though for larger employers we recommend at least 30 days to ensure the onboarding process is smooth.]

How long will the setup process take?

Creating your HRA could take as little as a few minutes. If you already know which employees you'd like to participate, when you'd like your HRA to begin, and how much you'd like to contribute, our software can have you quickly done.

That said, if this is your first time designing an HRA, you'll probably have to make a few decisions along the way that require research or conversations with our team, so it's probably best to plan for a few days to set up.

Step 2

We'll onboard and enroll your team

Take Command is the only HRA administrator that has a dedicated, in-house enrollment team. That means your employees will get expert advice as they shop for an individual health insurance plan.

When should I tell my employees?

While you can tell your employees about their new benefits at any time*, the IRS requires you to communicate the new solution within a specific timeframe. But don't worry, based on your start date, our team will ensure that you communicate when the time is right. Additionally, we'll help you explain the HRA to your employees.

[*We recommend that employers switching from a group plan to an HRA talk with our team to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.]

How do my employees set up their account?

Once your HRA has been designed and your official plan documents are signed, we will begin communicating with your employees to guide them through setting up their accounts and beginning the onboarding process.

How do my employees shop for insurance?

We'll handle that too! While employees can purchase their qualified individual health insurance plans wherever they choose, the simplest way is to use our platform. During the shopping experience, your employees will not only see the plans in their area, they will also see which plans work best with your HRA and what their payment options are.

Depending on which plans they select, your employees could be enrolled in a plan and set up on our platform in one quick sitting.

Step 3

Sit back and relax. The rest is hands-off

Your only job now is to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a set benefits budget, the boosted employee retention and recruitment that comes with competitive small business health insurance, and the tax savings that comes with HRAs.

How do I reimburse my employees?

Each month, your admin portal on our platform will provide you with a report giving you full visibility into how much you need to reimburse your employees. Many employers use this report to run reimbursements through their payroll software, while others use our AutoPay feature to automate the process*.

[*AutoPay not available with all insurance companies. The reimbursement process may vary based on how and where employees purchased insurance.]

How will I know if my employees actually buy insurance?

As part of the onboarding process, your employees will provide us with proof of coverage. Our team then verifies all submitted documents to ensure your employees are eligible for health insurance.

How will I know how much to reimburse my employees every month?

Our platform will provide you an overview dashboard where you can see and manage your HRA at any time. Each month, a report will be provided that shows you exactly how much to reimburse each employee. You will also be able to see previous reimbursements.

Wondering how our HRA administration platform might work for you? 

Learn about our HRA software features and watch our demo video.


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