Top HRA questions from employees

by Keely S.

Take Command Health is the only HRA (health reimbursement arrangement) administrator that also has an individual insurance platform to help employees choose compatible plans. There will be a lot of questions from both you and your employees, and we're here for it. Our passion is to make health benefits enjoyable for you and your employees.

We will be closely involved during the initial setup process as well as your employees' onboarding. We'll also be readily available for any support you need as you're on our platform.

The concept of an HRA is pretty simple, but it’s still a relatively new alternative to traditional group coverage, so it’s likely that your employees will have questions. Today, we’ll answer some of the top HRA questions from employees.

What insurance plans are compatible?

To receive reimbursements through the HRA, you must have HSA-compatible health insurance that qualifies as Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC). Most plans today meet MEC requirements, such as major medical plans purchased from Healthcare.gov, Medicare (A or C),  and more.

Plans that do not qualify include: critical illness, indemnity, short-term plans, vision or dental only, and plans that only offer discounts on medical services.

What if I already have my own health plan or are on my spouse’s plan?

If you have a health plan you like already, we can help you determine whether or not it is HRA-compatible. It will depend on what type of HRA you have. If you’re on your spouse’s plan, you can set up recurring reimbursements for these premiums too!

How do I get reimbursed?

When you upload proof of coverage, a recurring expense will be set up in your account so you can be reimbursed each month for your premium. Take Command Health will present your employer with a report each month and your employer will reimburse you on your paycheck. Note: reimbursements come from your employer, not Take Command Health.

What can I get reimbursed?

Your employer reimburses for either health insurance premiums or premiums and qualified medical expenses

Do I get a premium tax credit (PTC) with my HRA?

Your HRA will offset your tax credits dollar for dollar if you have a Qualified Small Employer HRA. With an individual coverage HRA, it comes down to the affordability of the HRA.T he Take Command Health team will help you determine how this will work for your specific case, calculate your PTCs, and weigh your options.

Can I add funds to my HRA?

No. Your HRA is solely funded by your employer, meaning you can’t add funds to it like you would an HSA.

Do I pay taxes on the reimbursements?

No! That’s what's so great about HRAs. The reimbursements won’t be taxed as income.

What happens to my HRA funds if I leave the company?

The HRA funds stay with your employer, but your health plan will stay with you, helping you avoid costly COBRA or lapses in coverage.

What is proof of coverage?

Proof of coverage is typically your insurance card issued by your carrier.

Where should my employees go if they have questions about their HRA? 

We have personal benefits navigators on hand at Take Command Health that are here to on-board and answer questions along the way! Just chat with us on the right hand bottom of the screen, schedule a call with the enrollment team, or email enrollment@takecommandhealth.com.

We are here to help!


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