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Alison graduated from Miami University, in Oxford Ohio, with a degree in Public Administration. She has worked in higher education, non profit, and sales before settling into her current role as "mama" to her adorable little girl. When she's not attending story time at the library, you can find Alison practicing yoga, taking pictures of her family, and fantasizing about travel.
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Are you taking advantage of the QSEHRA 2018 updates?

Congress passed the 21st Century Cures Act December  2016, and with it created QSEHRA, the HRA designed specifically for small businesses. QSEHRA is designed to work with plans purchased from the…

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How do I submit an expense for reimbursement with QSEHRA?

Has your employer recently set you up with a new benefit, called QSEHRA, to reimburse you for your health insurance premiums and medical expenses tax free? Wondering what you need to do to get…

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QSEHRA sample notice for your small business HRA

Excited to start your small business HRA, but not sure what you need to do to legally inform your employees of the new benefit? The IRS has issued special guidance on which pieces of information…

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What you need to know about QSEHRA plan documents

Now that you have decided to offer your employees a QSEHRA benefit, you may be wondering what documents need to be created before your small business HRA (QSEHRA) begins. There are two main…

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Employee Spotlight: How I use my QSEHRA

Many small businesses are opting to offer their employees a benefit called QSEHRA to reimburse employees for health insurance premiums and medical expenses. The great feature of this specially…

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Everything you need to know about QSEHRA rules

Small business HRAs known as QSEHRAs were defined in December 2016 as part of the 21st Century Cures Act. The idea behind QSEHRA is that small employers with fewer than 50 full-time employees can…

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Deadline alert: Notify your employees of QSEHRA benefit by Feb. 19

Have you heard about the small business HRA Employee Notice deadline that is quickly approaching on February 19, 2018? The deadline pertains to small business HRAs that started between Jan 1, 2017…

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What happens to premium tax credits with a QSEHRA?

A friendly reminder: Please note that we are not licensed tax professionals. Our mission is to empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to make smart decisions when it comes to health…

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Employee Guide: Understanding QSEHRA and getting started 

Has your employer recently informed you of a new health benefit they will be providing called QSEHRA? It stands for Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement, and it is a special…

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How to save money on prescriptions

Americans spend over $400 billion a year on prescription drugs. That’s a lot of money. And most people don’t think twice about where their prescriptions are filled or how they are processed. The…

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