Hello! These are the new HRAs that enable employers to reimburse for individual health insurance premiums as well as medical expenses. Use these resources to learn more about both.

play_circle_outline An Intro to QSEHRA

The Qualified Small Employer HRA started it all. Watch this quick video to get an overview. Watch now.

play_circle_outline An Intro to ICHRA

The brand new Individual Coverage HRA begins in January 2020. Watch this quick video to get an overview. Watch now.

desktop_mac Read QSEHRA Guide

This HRA is perfect for small employers looking for a benefits solution. Learn more about it with this easy-to-read guide.
Read now.

desktop_mac Read ICHRA Guide

There's a lot to learn with this new HRA. We've read the official rules and distilled them down into this easy-to-read guide. Read now.

save_alt QSEHRA / ICHRA Comparison

Want to know how the two HRAs stack to each other? Compare them side-by-side. Download now.

bookmark_border Blog Resources

We've written hundreds of posts on both QSEHRA and ICHRA. Use the category tags to find what you need. Read more.

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