This could be the start of a great partnership.

We love win-win ideas. If you think your clients could benefit from Take Command Health, we'd love to hear from you!

Partnership FAQ

Learn about what we can offer you and your clients.

What kinds of partners do you work with?

We love to work with "trusted advisors" whose clients we can help.

Typically, are partners are CPAs, Advisors, Investors, Book Keepers, Business Coaches, or Attorneys. If you think we could help your small business clients, we'd love to hear from you!

Do you offer a referral fee?

Of course! We try to be a little selective with our partnerships because we really want clients to benefit from our solution, not feel sold on something.

But if your client is happy, then let's all be happy together!

Contact us for details and let's discuss.

How can you help my business? Can you white-label?

We want to be a good partner for you. We're good at co-branding, white-labeling, and equiping you with marketing materials so you look like a champ with your clients.

Let's talk!

Can I sign up for your service too?

Of course! We love partners that are also users. We may be able to let you in on some special discounts too.

Let's connect and see what we can do!

CPA testimonial
So many of my small business clients were wasting money on taxes...Take Command was a "no brainer" solution.

Lauren M. CPA