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We’re always looking for the great new teammates, especially ones that get excited about helping people. Currently, we’re looking for developers, marketers, bloggers, customer-service and people willing to jump in and figure it out. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you. Please connect with us at

Here are a few of the teammates we’re currently looking for:

Lead Developer (full-stack)

Quick Summary

Company: Take Command Health
Position: Lead Developer (full-time)
Location: Dallas, TX preferred but we’re flexible
Compensation: $80-$120k, equity options available
Keywords: python, flask, backend, postgresql, health care, health insurance

Lead developer role at Take Command Health

Take Command Health is a start-up on a mission to help people make better health insurance decisions. We’re seeking a full-stack developer to join our team full-time. You’ll have free reign to work with our entire stack, but your primary responsibility will be the back-end architecture, database, and API layer. The back-end is core to our business because the heart of our recommendations come from its calculations and algorithm. We’re a small team doing big things in the healthcare industry, and we’d love for you to make us even better.

This role is really a hybrid of many things: you will be refining and testing our API-driven back-end, working to identify customer needs, concepting new product features, and coordinating the technical game plan for our company. We value your technical skills, but we want someone who is eager to dive in and take interest in the non-technical aspects too. We want someone that wants to get their hands dirty building an awesome product but can also help us grow our technical team and eventually mentor and lead future developer hires.

Our backend is using Python-Flask, but we firmly believe that anyone who is committed can get up to speed on that quickly.

We’re looking for a great teammate

Great software is built by great team. We eager to partner with someone that can use their knowledge of databases, web services, and back-end business logic to make all of us—and our product—better.

  • Passion for what you do: We know…how exciting can health insurance really be? The reality is our clients love us because we help make something that is frustrating to them easy and straightforward. We get excited about that! That’s how we made it this far and we enjoy the company of people who care about the problems we are solving.
  • Attention to detail…: The importance of this for our calculation-driven product is hard to understate, and we take pride in improvements large and small.
  • …with an eye on the big picture: We want to hear your voice in our business strategy meetings, client engagements, and end-user tests to help us shape the direction and culture of our product and team.
  • Leadership: People are going to have to follow your lead, and the way you communicate and carry yourself is not something we gloss over.
  • Appreciation of testing: Software is complicated and we’re tackling complicated problems for our users. We don’t expect everything to work perfectly or last forever. We’re humans. However, our users are trusting us to help them make big and expensive life choices. Not every situation warrants comprehensive testing, but we believe ours (often) does. We’ll look to you to help us strike the right balance between testing and our desire to launch and experiment with exciting new products and features.


At Take Command Health, we’re excited to build a team and culture that reflects our values. While we work hard to solve difficult problems, we believe strongly in a healthy work-life balance. We offer unlimited personal vacation with only very minor restrictions (we need you around during Open Enrollment) and a health insurance stipend (yes, you get to use our service to choose a plan).

We also want to share our company with you. We believe when everyone has skin in the game, it makes work more meaningful. We have equity options available to share with this position.

About Take Command Health

Take Command Health empowers individuals to make smart health insurance decisions to improve their health and save money. We’ve bootstrapped our way through the last two years to generate positive revenue. We’ve secured some outside funding and are thrilled to be able to expand our team. The market is ripe for new methods and we’re excited about what we can bring to the table.

We’ve been featured in the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, and other publications around Texas and are excited about our growth opportunities.

Get in Touch

This has mostly been about us, but we’d love to hear from you. We’d love to hear your story. To apply send us an email at Thanks, we can’t wait to hear from you!


–Please, direct applicants only. No recruiters or third-parties.–

Head of Product (Marketing and Design)

Quick Summary

Company: Take Command Health
Position: Head of Product (full-time)
Location: Dallas, TX preferred but we’re flexible
Compensation: $70-$110k, equity options available
Keywords: UI/UX, marketing, design, social media, project management

Full job description coming soon. If you’re good at making complex things simple through awesome design, we want you!

Bloggers (part-time)

Quick Summary

Company: Take Command Health
Position: Social media blogger (part-time)
Location: Dallas, TX preferred but we’re flexible
Compensation: $50/blog
Keywords: blog, health, personal, economics, design, story-telling, testimonials

Full description coming soon. If you’re passionate about telling stories and helping people make smart health decisions, then we want you.