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ICHRA Administrators

Let our ICHRA administrators do the heavy lifting

Reimburse your employees tax-free with an individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement from the industry’s only ICHRA administrators platform with hands-on enrollment support.

  • Manage benefits for an hour or less per month
  • No more surprises, renewals, or participation rate concerns
  • A smart, hands-off alternative to group health insurance
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ICHRA administrators highlights

Take Command makes ICHRA administration simple and easy.

Flexible Designs

No more one-size fits all plans! ICHRA plans can be customized and designed to achieve you or your clients’ goals. 

Simple Administration

Take Command will automatically generate the documents your employees need and can help them search for and enroll in a plan online.

No Contribution Limits

There are no annual contribution caps. This allows employers to define unrestricted benefit budgets.

Learn More

Want to dive into the details of the individual coverage HRA? 

Our ICHRA Guide will walk you through how ICHRAs work, ICHRA benefits, and ICHRA setup. 

best ICHRA administrators

Join the 5,000+ businesses saving on health benefits with Take Command

Union Orthotics and Prosthetics

"Facing a 40% renewal, our broker introduced us to the idea. Take Command provides the tools there for everybody to enroll in very easy formats on the platform."

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Taro Health

"To attract and maintain talent, we needed benefits. Managing our ICHRA has been simple and hands-off. I spend two hours a month managing and administering it."

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"Take Command has made it simple to set up and administer the small business HRA for StreamCare and we highly recommend it to other small businesses."

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Health benefits made easy with ICHRA administrators 

Individual coverage health reimbursement arrangements (ICHRA) is a type of HRA (also known as health reimbursement arrangement) that’s a great alternative for employers looking to give their employees a choice in the type of health coverage they get, and still cover costs of premiums and other qualified medical expenses. 

Since this tax-free tool is still relatively new, you’ll want to work with experienced ICHRA administrators to help you stay compliant and take the stress out of ICHRA administration. With the Take Command ICHRA plan administrators, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your plan is running smoothly and you’ve got all the ICHRA rules 2023 covered. 

If you’re still considering which way to offer employee benefits, ICHRA vs group insurance, consider the ICHRA pros and cons (along with group). You’ll likely find that with a strong ICHRA plan and ICHRA administration team on your side, you and your employees will be much happier with the health benefits. 

Best ICHRA administrators

The best ICHRA administrator is a professional who helps businesses set up and manage their ICHRA. They can be a valuable partner in helping your business establish and maintain a compliant HRA.

HRA administration companies, like Take Command, offer an all-in-one solution that gives you a dedicated ICHRA administrator – an HRA platform that manages everything for you, including: 

  • Setting up your ICHRA
  • Helping employees enroll in the ICHRA
  • Processing reimbursements
  • Answering employee questions
  • Compliance with IRS regulations
  • Compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • Change management 

The best ICHRA administrators will do all the heavy lifting for you and help you navigate the process from start to finish. And it’s all included in your HRA administration fees.


“84% of our clients surveyed said they spend less than an hour each month administering their HRA.”

Will ICHRA help you save on benefits? 

In about half the country, individual insurance rates are cheaper than their group plan equivalents, meaning health benefits dollars will stretch further with ICHRA. Use our heat map to see if your location is prime for saving.

ICHRA administration cost

The Take Command HRA administration platform starts at $20 per employee, per month. If you consider how much that takes off your plate, the ICHRA administration cost is a steal! ICHRA administration software will save you time, headaches, and even penalties if you have trouble correctly navigating the compliance requirements and complex rules. 

You want to ensure your business is on the up and up with the ICHRA plan rules and stays on top of ICHRA eligibility. We’ve got you covered! 

ICHRA administration software

  • If you’re wondering how to administer ICHRA, the (easiest and best) answer is to use ICHRA administration software. You’ll benefit in many ways when you use the Take Command ICHRA administration software. Through this HRA platform, you’ll get help with:
  • ICHRA legal plan documents
  • Onboarding employees
  • Tax documents and year-end reporting
  • HIPAA and privacy compliance
  • A customized admin portal to review and approve ICHRA documents, view monthly reimbursement reports, add/remove employees, manage subscriptions, update payment information, and see overview information about their ICHRA.

We’ll also help employees get the most out of their ICHRA by:

  • Providing helpful educational material to communicate to your employees the benefits of their new ICHRA and how to get the most out of it
  • Supporting employees while they shop for individual health insurance plans to use with their ICHRA. We have our own window shopping tool to make it easy! 
  • Answering questions along the way
  • Providing an easy platform to request reimbursements 

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HRAs are complex and there’s a lot of information to digest. The individual coverage HRA is basically a “super-charged” version of the QSEHRA. It works for businesses of any size and does not include contribution limits. This makes ICHRA an optimal plan for businesses with a modern mixed workforce.

ICHRA reimbursement can be applied to all employees, or employers can choose to create different reimbursement rules for different types of employees, referred to as employee “classes”. ICHRA rules allow employers to offer one set of reimbursement rules to full-time employees and a separate set of rules for part-time employees. 

Your business ICHRA plan document will outline the specifics of your ICHRA reimbursement classes, which can’t be used to discriminate or adversely shift health risks off of an existing group plan. ICHRAs provide the flexibility to help employers fine-tune their offerings. 

Here’s a list of how you can segment employees into ICHRA classes:

  • Full-time employees
  • Part-time employees
  • Seasonal employees
  • Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement
  • Employees who have not satisfied a waiting period for coverage
  • Salaried employees
  • Non-salaried employees
  • Temporary employees of staffing firms
  • Non-resident aliens with no US-based income
  • Employees in the same geographic rating area
  • Any combination of two or more classes from above

ICHRA providers

An ICHRA provider is a service, platform, or software that facilitates the employee benefits plan. It’s the method that serves as a bridge between the employers offering ICHRAs and the employees using them.

ICHRA providers offer business owners a great alternative to traditional health benefits. Your ICHRA integrates with the employee's individual health insurance, rather than your business providing the coverage. This type of plan gives employees a health benefit that actually better fits the needs of the business and the employees. 

ICHRA providers, like Take Command, help to streamline the process which helps your business save time, money, and stress while adding huge value to your health benefits offerings. In addition, your ICHRA provider ensures you stay compliant and follow all ICHRA IRS rules and regulations, HIPAA regulations, and much more. 

Check out this blog to read more about the ICHRA pros and cons. 

ICHRA third-party administrators

As a business owner, you already have a full plate. Adding the not-so-small task of administering your ICHRA would be a huge load to carry. When you work with a third-party administrator (ICHRA TPA), you can outsource this load to a skilled team (and HRA software). 

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Ready to Get Started?

Begin designing your ICHRA plan today and be set up in minutes. You could start reimbursing your employees tax-free sooner than you think. 

Ready to get started?

Begin designing your ICHRA plan today and be set up in minutes. You could start reimbursing your employees tax-free sooner than you think.


HRA Administration pricing that’s simple.

No hidden fees. No contracts. No matter what.

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