Number of Employees

1 employee 100 employees

Average Monthly Reimbursement

$0/mo $1500/mo

Without an HRA

$200/mo Estimated Payroll and Income Taxes

With an HRA

$200/mo Estimated HRA Costs

Your Savings


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Tax Calculator FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about how our HRA tax savings calculator works.

How does the calculator work? What are the assumptions?

The calculator works by helping estimate the amount of taxes you and your employees could save each month with a QSEHRA or ICHRA compared to adding to your employees' salaries.

Here are the assumptions we have made: 

  • Employer Payroll Tax = 15%
  • Employee Income Tax = 25%

These numbers may vary based on your location and local taxing authorities, but these are good guesses for most markets.

The "Without an HRA" number is calculated by multiplying the number of employees, the average monthly reimbursement, and the tax rates above.

The "With an HRA" number represents the fees charged by Take Command Health to setup and administer a QSEHRA or ICHRA. The monthly charges are a $15 platform fee plus $15 per employee.

The "Savings" are the difference between the two figures above.

Do all employees get the same reimbursement?

This is up to the employer sponsoring the HRA! All employees have to be treated fairly, however, employers can choose to offer all employees the same amount of reimbursement each month or vary reimbursements based on an employee's age and family size. For more information, please see refer to our QSEHRA Guide or our ICHRA Guide.

What happens if employees don't use all of their reimbursement?

If employees don't use all of their HRA allowance in a given month, the balance will roll-over to the next month but the funds remain with the employer. At the end of the year, the employer can decide whether or not to roll year-end balances over to the next year or reset. Any unused funds remain with the employer.

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