Our new ICHRA Guide is live!

by Amy

We just published a new guide on Individual Coverage HRAs to help employers, benefits consultants, and accountants learn more about this tax-advantaged tool before it hits the market. Here's what the press release said.

First-of-its-kind resource decodes the tax-advantaged tool about to stir up group insurance market 

Take Command Health, a market leader in qualified small employer HRA administration and an advocate for tax-friendly benefits solutions, just released a free, first-of-its-kind guide on a new kind of HRA slated to shake up the group benefits market in January 2020.  The upcoming Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA), a result of impending healthcare policy shifts aimed at bringing accessibility and flexibility to the HRA market, will change the game when it comes to group benefits—and Take Command Health is poised to lead the charge.


“This new type of HRA is going to motivate employers to ditch traditional group plans and opt for a more customized, tax-advantaged, and flexible approach” shares Take Command Health CEO, Jack Hooper.

“The days of employer-based, one-size-fits-all group plans with creeping costs are numbered.” 

In addition to bringing greater flexibility, affordability, personalized plan choice, and tax efficiency, ICHRA also effectively shifts the risk model. For employers with more than 50 employees, whether they are currently self-insured or fully-insured, they are effectively responsible for their employees’ healthcare spend. Some employers are figuring out how to manage costs effectively: they are invested in wellness programs, engaged in high-performance network design, and interested in helping employees with chronic conditions effectively manage costs. Other employers would rather not try to manage employee healthcare spend.  Their best option will be the ICHRA, where they can still offer benefits with fixed costs and no risk to manage. In other words, ICHRA allows employers to get out of the insurance risk game.

“While the finalized rules have yet to be released, it’s no secret that greater access for HRAs has bipartisan support and a bright future,” adds Hooper.

“The momentum for ICHRA is already building and we are leveraging all that we’ve learned from our successful QSEHRA administration experience to prepare a simple, intuitive platform for this next iteration.”

The guide, aimed at communicating ICHRA benefits to employers, HR professionals, and benefit consultants, will explain what an ICHRA is and where it originated; why ICHRA is better than group insurance; all the benefits of an ICHRA; how to design an ICHRA to fit your needs & budget; the affordability of an ICHRA; how to set up an ICHRA; and what exactly is reimbursable with an ICHRA.

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