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A Broker’s Role in the ICHRA Process

An Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) is a new player in the health insurance market. It's different than the group market, but don’t worry, we're here to help you navigate it! As brokers, you’ll need to shift your mindset and relinquish some control, but you'll also be empowered to provide even better service to your clients. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of a broker’s role in partnering with Take Command to implement an ICHRA.

ICHRA: A Different Ball Game

In the group market, brokers are used to managing all aspects of a client's health insurance, from policy selection to enrollment and support. With ICHRA, however, the game changes. The broker's role becomes more about strategic advisory and less about hands-on management. The focus shifts to helping clients understand the ICHRA concept, designing a personalized plan, and ensuring smooth implementation.

Adopting a New Mindset: The Strategic Advisor and Facilitator

As the health insurance landscape evolves, so must the role of the broker. With ICHRA, your position transitions from a traditional broker to a strategic advisor and facilitator. This transition is more than just a title change—it's a mindset shift. You become an enabler, guiding your clients through the unfamiliar waters of ICHRA.

Instead of primarily focusing on plan selection and enrollment, your role broadens to understand your client's unique needs, developing tailored ICHRA strategies, and ensuring smooth plan implementation. You work closely with your clients to identify their health coverage goals and define the strategic direction.

As a facilitator, you collaborate with partners like Take Command to execute the plan effectively. You're a key player who bridges the gap between your client's needs and the ICHRA solution. You share control, allowing Take Command to handle the tactical tasks while you steer the strategic direction.

This mindset shift to becoming a strategic advisor and facilitator is vital for success in the ICHRA landscape. It allows you to provide enhanced value to your clients, offering them a personalized, strategic approach to their health insurance needs. Embrace this new mindset, and you'll be well-equipped to navigate the ICHRA journey with your client.

With ICHRA, you'll transcend the role of broker and become a strategic advisor and a facilitator. You’ll need to:

  • Embrace change: ICHRA is new, and it's different. Be open to learning and adapting.
  • Share control: Let partners like Take Command take on the tactical tasks. Your role is to steer the strategic direction.
  • Focus on strategy: Your expertise and insights are vital in helping businesses make the right decisions.

Grow your book of business with ICHRA.

Embrace Change

ICHRA is a new concept that requires a different approach. As a broker, you need to embrace this change, learning the nuances of ICHRA and how to optimize it for your clients' benefit. This may include understanding the regulatory landscape, the benefits and challenges of ICHRA, and how it differs from traditional group plans.

Share Control

With ICHRA, brokers are not alone; you get to share the responsibility with a reliable partner like Take Command. This means less administrative burden on your shoulders. You can focus on your core competency – understanding your clients' needs, providing strategic advice, and helping them make informed decisions.

Focus on Strategy

In the ICHRA landscape, brokers become strategic advisors. Your role involves understanding the client's business objectives, employee demographics, and health coverage goals. You then guide them in making strategic decisions, such as setting appropriate reimbursement amounts and defining eligible employee classes.

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Partnering with Take Command

Stepping into the world of ICHRAs, one thing becomes clear – it's not a solo journey. As a broker, you've got a powerhouse partner in Take Command. With our suite of data, tools, and resources, you've got everything you need to deliver a compelling pitch to the C-Suite. But how does this partnership look in action? It's all about collaboration and leveraging each other's strengths. From goal setting and concept development to design iterations, communication rollout, and benchmarking, let's explore how partnering with Take Command can supercharge your ICHRA strategy.

Take Command offers a wealth of data and tools you can leverage to pitch to the C-Suite. Here’s how the partnership can work:

  • Goal Setting: Help your clients set realistic and achievable health coverage goals.
  • Concept Development: Use your knowledge of the market and your client's needs to develop a tailored ICHRA strategy.
  • Design Iterations: Work with Take Command to refine the plan design until it's just right.
  • Communication Rollout: Assist in communicating the new plan to employees, ensuring they understand the benefits and how it works.
  • Benchmarking and Affordability Analysis: Use Take Command’s tools to help your clients understand the potential benefits and costs of an ICHRA.

Take Command Way for Brokers

Define the Problem

Work closely with your clients to define their health coverage goals. This could be anything from ensuring comprehensive coverage for all employees, controlling costs, or improving employee satisfaction. Your role is to guide the client in setting realistic, measurable, and achievable goals.

Analyze and Design

ICHRA is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It requires a tailored approach, taking into account the specific needs and objectives of each client. You need to work with your clients to develop a concept that aligns with their goals, budget, and employee demographics.

Design Iterations

An ICHRA plan may need several iterations to get it right. With Take Command, you can refine the plan based on feedback and analysis. This process ensures that the final plan is a perfect fit for the client's needs and objectives.

Consensus and Buy-in

Effective communication is key to successful ICHRA implementation. As a broker, you can assist in creating a communication strategy to ensure employees fully understand the new plan, its benefits, and how to use it.

Onboard and Enroll

Take Command provides tools to help you analyze the affordability and competitiveness of your client's ICHRA plan. You can use these insights to adjust the plan if necessary, ensuring it remains attractive to employees and financially sustainable for the employer.

The Broker's Role: Strategic Advisor, Not Taskmaster

One of the major shifts when transitioning to ICHRA is the reimagined role of the broker. As an ICHRA broker, you become a strategic advisor rather than a taskmaster, and here's why that's a fantastic thing.

Working with ICHRA means you're entering a partnership, not just with your clients, but also with service providers like Take Command. This partnership offers a profound benefit – you're no longer expected to handle every nitty-gritty detail of the process.

While you certainly can participate in tasks such as enrollment and ongoing support, it's not a requirement. This frees up your time and energy to focus on what you do best – providing strategic advice and building relationships.

Take Command steps in to manage the technical and administrative side of things. We handle compliance, ensuring all aspects of the ICHRA plan meet the regulatory requirements. We also manage enrollment, taking that hefty task off your plate. And when it comes to fielding questions from employees or employers, Take Command is on the front lines, providing the support and answers needed.

This shift from taskmaster to strategic advisor allows you to maximize your impact where it's most needed. Instead of being bogged down in paperwork and administrative tasks, you can focus on understanding your client's needs, developing innovative ICHRA strategies, and guiding your clients towards the best decisions for their business.

So, embrace this new role. It's not about doing less, it's about doing what you do best and letting Take Command handle the rest. It's about becoming a strategic advisor who brings immense value to your clients in the evolving landscape of health insurance.

Embrace the ICHRA Opportunity

ICHRA offers a great opportunity for brokers to provide innovative solutions to their clients. By understanding and embracing your role in this new landscape, you can help businesses meet their health coverage goals, while partners like Take Command handle the details. Remember, change can be challenging, but it also brings exciting opportunities. Let's navigate this ICHRA journey together!

For more detailed insights, check out our recent webinar on onboarding an enterprise-level ICHRA.

Evolution of the Broker Role: Traditional vs. ICHRA Approach

As we navigate the new terrain of ICHRAs, it's essential to understand how the role of the broker is evolving. It's more than just a shift. It's a transformation from a traditional process-oriented role to a strategic, advisory one. This change is the crux of providing effective ICHRA solutions. The table below breaks down these differences, showcasing the unique aspects of being an ICHRA broker and how it contrasts with the traditional broker role. It highlights the shift in focus from a hands-on, process-driven role to a more strategic, advisory one.


Traditional Broker Role

New ICHRA Broker Role


Manage all aspects of a client's health insurance

Strategic advisory and facilitation



Embrace change: understand the nuances of ICHRA


Full control over the process

Share control with partners like Take Command


Primarily on plan selection and enrollment

Understanding client's needs, developing tailored ICHRA strategies

Client Interaction


Work closely with clients to identify their health coverage goals



Assist in communication rollout

Tools Usage


Use Take Command’s tools for benchmarking and affordability analysis

Task Handling

Compliance, enrollment, support



Embracing the ICHRA Revolution

Navigating the new landscape of ICHRAs is an exciting journey of change and opportunity. As a broker, your role shifts from a traditional taskmaster to a strategic advisor. You're not alone in this journey, with Take Command as your reliable partner, handling the heavy lifting of compliance, enrollment, and support. It's a team effort where you play a crucial role in shaping tailored ICHRA strategies that perfectly fit your client's needs.

ICHRA is more than just a new type of health insurance, it's a revolution in how we think about health coverage. By embracing this change and leveraging the resources and partnerships available, you're well-positioned to provide immense value to your clients. You're not just surviving the ICHRA revolution, you're thriving in it. Here's to your success in this brave new world of health insurance!

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