As a business owner and a mother of two wild girls, I am a self-proclaimed expert in juggling and multitasking. I am passionate about old homes and trying new recipes, and I always look for adventure in the everyday. Having worked in a marketing and communications role with healthcare pioneers like Kaiser Permanente and Parkland Health & Hospital System as well as a leading healthcare design firm, I am inspired by the exciting—and much-needed— changes happening in the healthcare industry today.

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What to know about partnerships, QSEHRA, and tax deductions 

We strongly recommend partners of partnerships talk to their licensed tax professional or CPA.

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What to know about S Corp owners, QSEHRA, and tax deductions  

We strongly recommend S-Corporation owners talk to their licensed tax professional or CPA.

If you are an S Corporation owner and reimbursing your employees for their premiums with a QSEHRA (Small…

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QSEHRAs in Texas receive major endorsement from Attorney General 

Yesterday, QSEHRAs in Texas got a major endorsement when Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued Opinion KP-0179 in response to a recent question posed by Senator Charles Perry relating to the…

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If you have a baby on New Years' Eve does it cost more?

The first baby of the new year is always a highly celebrated moment, with traditions supposedly going back as far as ancient Greece.  The lucky child is sometimes even awarded scholarships, gifts…

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Open enrollment and hurricanes: Why some Texans have more time

Many Texans were affected by Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters this past year. In fact, 58 counties in the state were declared eligible for assistance by FEMA, including the metro areas…

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Find the best health insurance in Indiana for your family

The open enrollment deadline is this Friday, a full two weeks sooner than last year. If you haven't signed up for a health plan for Jan. 1 coverage, it's time to put your game face on. Our team is…

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Find the best health insurance in Michigan by Friday's deadline

Open enrollment ends this Friday, two weeks sooner that last year! That means it's time to kick it into gear to choose a health plan that fits your family's needs, prescriptions, doctors and…

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Find the best health insurance in Texas before Friday. Here's how.

Are you one of the many people who wait until the last minute to enroll for health insurance? No judgment here. Friday is the last day to sign up if you want to be insured for January 1st of next…

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Find the best health insurance in Wisconsin by Friday. Here's how.

Have you waited until the last week to choose a health plan for 2018? No judgment here. But we want to help before the deadline on Friday! You have enough on your plate (and on your mind!) this…

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What to know: best health insurance in Georgia for 2018

That open enrollment deadline sure came fast this year. As you are probably aware, Friday is your last day to sign up for health plans for 2018. Between the rate hikes and the uncertainty in…

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