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Autopay Payment Solution

No Out-of-Pocket Burden for Employees

Stress-free premium payments and easy administration - AutoPay is a win-win for both you and your employees!

  • Employers pay premiums directly and withhold any employee portion via payroll
  • Simple & transparent payments for you
  • No waiting for reimbursements for employees
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AutoPay is compatible with ICHRAs with 30 or more participating employees

How AutoPay Works

autopay graphic

The experience of a group plan with the choice of the individual market

How does AutoPay Elevate the HRA Experience?

Employer Benefits

  • Simplified payments
    Employee premiums are paid from a single account, funded monthly, simulating a group plan experience.
  • Increased transparency
    Admin is connected directly to our secure banking partner to view & manage payment accounts.
  • Streamlined reporting
    Take Command provides all necessary reporting & compliance documents through our Admin Portal.

Employee Benefits

  • No out-of-pocket payments
    Employees can enroll in any ACA-compliant plan and have their monthly premiums paid by their employer automatically - the same experience as a group plan.
  • Fewer transaction issues
    Payments are automatically processed;
    Take Command audits payments & can assist with carrier challenges.
  • Limited administrative burden
    No need to submit proof-of-coverage for appointed carriers or remember monthly premium payments.

Ready for hassle-free payments?

Contact us to add AutoPay to your benefits program. Questions? Contact us or learn more via our AutoPay Guide!