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Who is ICHRA for?

A Broker's Perspective on ICHRA



Here are a few of the questions that this video addresses.

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What types of companies are you seeing choose ICHRA?

You know, we typically collaborate with two types of clients. One group is pretty new to the whole employee benefits scene. They haven't traditionally offered benefits apart from salary and wages, and they're keen to branch out. Sometimes, traditional group health insurance just isn't a fit for them - maybe because of their location, company size, contribution amounts, or even because they have employees in different states with different health system needs.

What type of pain points are they solving for?

Location, company size, contribution amounts, or employees spread out in multiple states can create complexities around group plans. Common pain points would include: high renewals, high risk, and participation concerns. That's where the Take Command platform and the Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) swoop in to save the day. It lets these employers set aside a specific amount of cash to help their employees pick the health insurance coverage that's just right for them and their family. Pretty cool, huh?

What issues are specific to traditional health insurance?

Many clients we work with are old hands at offering health insurance benefits or employee benefits, but they're grappling with a problem. It could be that they're seeing their renewal costs skyrocket each year - think 8%, 10%, or even 15% increases. That's tough for any company to swallow, and they certainly don't want to pass these costs onto their employees. Plus, they feel like they're limiting their employees' choices by only offering one or two plan options. They're searching for a way to hop off this crazy merry-go-round.

What prompts an employer to consider ICHRA?

So, they're starting to think, "You know what? We want to be a good employer. We want to offer a benefit plan to our employees. But we also want to control how much money we give to those employees and let them choose the health insurance that's best for them and their family." And that, my friend, is where the ICHRA comes in.

How does ICHRA work?

Simple Solution

Easily provide a benefits

solution for your employees.

Plan Compatibility

Works with a variety of plans like

spouse & alternative plans.


Employers set friendly budgets

that work for their company.